Meet Bob Iger’s Potential 18-Year-Old Successor

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While most 18-year-old college students are focused on homework, Cori Borgstadt has ambitions to become the next CEO of the Walt Disney Company- and she’s already talked to Bob Iger about it.

Since she was just three years old, Cori has been a massive fan of Disney. The Arizona native considers herself a “Disney Superfan,” and she has dreams of one day becoming CEO of the Walt Disney Company. She attended her first annual Disney Shareholder confab in 2008 when she was just a toddler. Since then, she has gone to every single annual shareholder meeting. And Cori doesn’t just sit back and watch, she loves to get involved.

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At 13 out of the 16 Disney meetings she’s attended in her life, Cori was able to speak with Mr. Iger personally. In 2015, she asked her biggest question yet, what advice he would give to “a kid who wants your job someday.”

Igers response? “Well, one thing you can do is keep coming to our shareholders’ meeting.”

Iger Gives Advice to Teen Vying for His Job

Disney CEO Bob Iger is only holding his position for two years. This means that his replacement will be taking over in about a year and a half. Cori Borgstadt is confident that she could be a terrific replacement. The Wall Street Journal was able to interview Cori to talk about her experiences with Bob Iger at the shareholder meetings.

Cori believes she is the right woman for the job because of her immense love for the company and all of its employees. She says, “If you don’t love the company or care to know about it, then I feel like you’re kind of not going to be effective in your job… You have to share that same interest, from your shareholders to your fans to the employees.”

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Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Over the years, this is something that Bob Iger has recognized in Cori. She has consistently shown her dedication to the company at the shareholder meetings, and her attendance has not gone unnoticed. After all, her attendance streak is better and longer than almost all members of Disney’s board of directors. 

Bob Iger Recommends Cori

After seeing Cori at so many different meetings, Mr. Iger is very familiar with her and her commitment to the Walt Disney Company. In a written statement for the Wall Street Journal, he was able to express all of the gratitude and respect she has for Cori.

He says,

“One of the things that makes Disney unique is the deep connection and passion so many of our individual shareholders have for our company, and that’s certainly true for Cori. We couldn’t be more appreciative to have investors who love Disney as much as she does.”

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Who knows, maybe one day Cori Borgstadt will one day be known as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

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