Man WINS Lottery; Spends His Winning on Lavish Disney World Trip

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Credit: Massachusetts State Lottery

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort is expensive. It is easy to dream of what it would be like to take a vacation to the Resort if money was no object. If the price weren’t an issue, there would be no limit to where you would stay, what you would do, and how much you would splurge on extra experiences.

For one lucky couple, this dream became a reality after the husband, Robert Taylor, had the winning ticket for the Massachusetts State Lottery last week.

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Winning Keno Ticket Takes Family to Disney

Robert Taylor and his wife Terry’s lives changed for the better last week. Robert Taylor who lives in Taunton, Massachusetts, is now the proud lottery winner of a $500,000 Keno Ticket. Robert won the drawing on March 22 after purchasing a lottery ticket from Atlantic Cafe in Taunton.

The Keno drawing is a lottery game where players pick 1-12 numbers between 1-80. Plays then wager on how much they want to bet on their picked numbers, or “spots.” Robert had some great guesses and ended up winning big. The couple picked up their winnings from the lottery headquarters on Thursday, March 23.

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With their newfound wealth, Robert and Terry were left to make some big decisions as to what they wanted to spend their winnings on. Their first priority was investing in buying a home for themselves. The second choice was something slightly more magical.

A Trip of a Lifetime

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Credit: Massachusetts State Lottery

With half a million dollars now under their belt, the couple is planning a spectacular vacation to Walt Disney World Resort. They plan to bring their grandchildren along with them on the vacation.

It’s wonderful to hear about such a kind couple being able to go on their dream trip. Vacations to Walt Disney World Resort are very expensive, and it is awesome that they will be able to go on a trip without worrying about the cost.

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