LA Gangs Not Happy, Threaten Disneyland

LA Gangs Threaten Disneyland
Credit: Sid's Toys Social Club Instagram

There are several things that make Disneyland Resort very different from its Florida counterpart, Walt Disney World. For one, churros are life in Disneyland, and they are just mere snacks in Disney World. Every year, Disneyland guests are treated to a lot of different kinds of churros for any and every occasion. On the other hand, Walt Disney World typically sticks to traditional churros, not really veering into the adventurous.

Disneyland Churros

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Another thing that you’ll see at Disneyland a lot more than Disney World is gangs. But we aren’t talking about gangs you need to be nervous around. These “gangs” are actually social clubs whose members wear vests decked out to the nines to show their theme park love. And there isn’t just one Disney social club. There are dozens of clubs whose members love to spend a lot of time at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Disneyland Gangs

Credit: Matterhorn Mountain Climbers Social Club/ Big Bad Wolves Social Club

However, not every gang loves Disney. Apparently, Los Angeles gangs are having a big problem with Disneyland Resort leaning into the ever-present gang/ Disneyland social club scene.

Instagram account Poetik Flakko shared a post, saying that Los Angeles-based gangs have threatened Disney after bandana-style clothing was seen being sold in the Southern California theme parks with Sebastian the crab on them.

Them boys in LA have declared war on Disney Land 😭 who yall think gonna win this war?


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Many commenters found the threats hilarious, considering how big Disney is and how much power it wields. There were also multiple jokes about Mickey pulling out one of his “Mouskatools” from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to battle the gangs threatening the company.

The two major gangs in Los Angeles are the Bloods and the Crips, and the Bloods are known for the signature red color that they wear.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Credit: Disney

Of course, it’s totally possible that the entire thing is a satirical joke. It’s not often that you hear about gangs threatening a Disney park because of the merchandise that is being sold.

But in this day and age, sometimes the truth winds up being stranger than fiction.

What do you think about the threat posed to Disneyland by Los Angeles gangs? Let us know in the comments!

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