World’s Cutest Food Critic Judges Disneyland

Disney Kid Food
Credit: Disney, Grey And Mama TikTok

Disney Parks are beloved for their tasty treats and for taking theme park food to a whole new level. Whether it’s Dole Whip, beignets, or even a gigantic pickle, frequent Disney Guests have their favorite Disney foods and knows the best time and place to get them.

However, it looks like Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are about to face their harshest critic yet: an adorable boy named Grey.

Grey and Linda Meeker

Credit: Linda Meeker

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Grey And Mama (@greyandmama) is a popular TikTok page that skyrocketed to prominence in 2020 when Linda Meeker, the “Mama” from Grey And Mama, uploaded a compilation of Grey accepting food and saying, “Thank you, mama!”

The video was a massive success, leading Meeker to not only upload more videos but also start selling merch and even writing two children’s books promoting food positivity, trying new things, and gratitude called What’s In A Dumpling, Grandma? (2023) and Thank You, Mama (2022), the latter of which featured food chosen by Grey himself.

Recently, the Meekers took a trip to Disneyland Resort in Southern California and spent time in both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. This marked the perfect opportunity for Grey to try new foods and let people worldwide know what he thinks. And his critiques are much harsher than you’d think.

Grey’s Disneyland Food Review

Credit: Grey And Mama TikTok

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On a recent trip to Disneyland Resort, Grey got to try a ton of new and popular food at the Park. Shockingly, his responses were mixed.

There were some obvious winners. Toontown’s new watermelon lemonade? Loved it. Mac and cheese? What kid doesn’t love mac and cheese? A churro? “Salty, but I like it.” Grey’s mom reminded him what sugar was, but that’s still a win for Disneyland, putting the Walt Disney Company at three for three.


Credit: Disney

But there were two major disappointments. One was at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, which was surprising since Grey is a big Marvel fan.

Grey didn’t like the famous Not So Little Chicken Sandwich from Pym’s Test Kitchen, stating it was “too big.” Get on that, Hank.

The most bewildering loss was the Matterhorn Mountain macaron. While the chicken sandwich at least lived up to its “Not So Little” name, the macaron didn’t. “It doesn’t taste like a mountain.” You can’t argue with that.


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While three out of five is still a decent score, Disney Parks clearly took this personally, commenting on the video, “We gotta know what Grey thinks a mountain tastes like.”

While we didn’t get to see if Grey tackled rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, Indiana Jones Adventure, or Splash Mountain before it closes, it looks like he had a great time overall at Disneyland.

This compilation serves as a reminder to branch out from your favorites and try all of the fantastic food that a Disney Park has to offer. Maybe Guests will finally learn what a mountain tastes like.

Do you agree with Grey? What Disney food would you like to see him try next? Let us know in the comments below.

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