Locals Ruin Disney World For Guests In the Worst Way

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Locals to Walt Disney World Resort ruined the experience for many other Guests visiting Magic Kingdom recently.

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There are many people who have a significant blessing in their lives in that they live just a short drive away from Walt Disney World Resort’s four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Locals are given special opportunities to purchase discounted tickets and much more throughout the year at Walt Disney World, and they have plenty of chances to visit “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

As a matter of fact, many locals visit Walt Disney World multiple times each and every week.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, it can become like “second nature” to them, and many can forget that there are vacationers who are only getting to visit for a short time.

happily ever after

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With the return of Happily Ever After earlier this week, one Twitter user shared concerns over locals who ruined the show. He also said there are times when Disney World regulars have ruined “the punchline of jokes” during an attraction, or talked over certain parts that other Guests may have wanted to hear.

Disney World locals kinda suck. The parks weren’t built for your weekly re-playability. Some choose to make it that way & that’s great. But be considerate. Let guests hear the punchline of a joke. Don’t cut kids in line for content. & DON’T SCREAM IN MY EAR DURING 99% OF HEA.

In addition, the user called out many Vloggers and TikTokers who “cut kids in line for content,” and exhibit rather inconsiderate behavior.

Unfortunately, this user isn’t the only one who has noticed this kind of behavior in the past. Many Disney World Guests have noticed inconsiderate Vloggers and regulars who, unfortunately, ruin things for others who are visiting the theme parks.

No matter whether you visit Disney World every day or if you’re making your first trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” it’s important to remember to be considerate to other Guests and Disney Cast Members.

How early should you arrive for Happily Ever After in Walt Disney World?

“Happily Ever After” features fireworks, music, and projections on Cinderella Castle, and it celebrates some of the most beloved Disney characters and stories. The show features a dazzling journey of color, light, and song that captures the heart, humor and heroism of favorite Disney stories. Watch in awe as Cinderella Castle is magically transformed through amazing state-of-the-art projection technology you have to see to believe.

happily ever after

Credit: Disney

If you want to get a good view for Happily Ever After and you’re coming to Magic Kingdom Park in the next few weeks, you’ll likely need to start looking to get your spot at least an hour early. Once the crowds “die down,” and the fanfare for the show drops,  it’s still probably a smart idea to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time, especially if you want a spot right in front of Cinderella Castle.

Depending on crowd sizes and the time of year that you’re visiting, you may have to arrive earlier than this.

Please check the Entertainment Schedule, My Disney Experience app or the Times Guide at Magic Kingdom park for the schedule and showtimes. This is an outdoor show and subject to cancellation in case of inclement weather. Showtimes are subject to change.

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