Leaning Palms Review Typhoon Lagoon

Leaning Palms Review Typhoon Lagoon

Near the main entrance of Typhoon Lagoon sits Leaning Palms, the main quick service eatery in the park. Just like the rest of the park, Leaning Palms has suffered damage from the typhoon that turned the once tropical paradise into a shipwrecked island.

The theming throughout Typhoon Lagoon is what makes this water park so popular, and this attention to detail doesn’t stop at Leaning Palms. The building is slanted as though strong winds have pushed the structure around. Random objects like lifesavers are stuck on the roof from the storm. Disney’s Imagineers have once again taken a standard quick service stand and made it something special and interesting.

A look at the menu board shows that typical Disney food is served here. Offerings include a bacon cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, a chilidog, as well as some lighter options like a turkey pesto sandwich and chicken ceasar salad. Kids meals are served in a cute sand pail with a shovel, a perfect idea since there are several sandy areas for kids to play in throughout the park! For adults there are several drink options and there is a limit of two alcoholic beverages per ID.

I had never seen the turkey pesto sandwich anywhere else in the World so I knew I had to try it. My dining companions opted for more conventional fare, chicken nuggets and a chilidog. The sandwich and chilidog come with your choice of house-made chips or apple slices while the chicken nuggets come with fries or apple slices.

The chicken nuggets were just as good at Leaning Palms as they are anywhere else in Disney World, crisp and not dry. A condiment bar nearby has ketchup, mustard, mayo, honey mustard, and BBQ sauce for your dipping pleasure. The chilidog features a meat chili with no beans that is neither dry nor watery. The dog itself had a nice bite, no chewiness here!

When I received the turkey pesto sandwich I was blown away by its size! This thing is a monster! It’s piled high with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pesto mayo on herbed bread. The bread is stiff enough to stand up to all these ingredients, but is still fresh. If you’re hungry from swimming around the wave pool, but don’t want anything too heavy I would highly recommend this sandwich.

The housemade-chips were just okay. They are a thicker cut than the average potato chip, which I enjoyed. A more even distribution of the seasoning would have been appreciated though. I found that chips with little to no seasoning were bland and just not worth eating. In the future I would choose apple slices over the chips.

After lunch I decided to explore the other dining options around the park. Nearby is a small hut that serves mini donuts with raspberry, chocolate or white chocolate dipping sauces, which looked absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely have to try these on my next trip!

Another great find was Happy Landings Ice Cream. This stand features the standard Disney novelty ice creams, a root beer float, soft serve cones, a sundae, and the legendary sand pail! This monstrosity features vanilla and chocolate soft serve, waffle cone pieces, cookie pieces, sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and topped with a cherry all served up in a sand pail. On a hot, Florida day this treat is something that will hit the spot for the whole family and for just $9.99!

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Typhoon Lagoon also has refillable mugs for $9.99 to help you beat the heat. Beverage refill stations are set up throughout the park. The unique thing about these mugs is that they have a bar code on them that you scan at the machine to get your refill.

While dining options are limited at Typhoon Lagoon, Leaning Palms serves a mix of standard and more unique eats to please the whole family.


F.A.S.T. Review

Food- There is enough variety to appease kids and adults. Expect standard Disney quick service food here with the fun addition of a sand pail for kid’s meals.

Atmosphere- The theming here is excellent. Be on the look out for those small details Imagineers have thrown in!

Service – Cast Members were friendly and efficient. While waiting in line a Cast Member asked us how our day was going and what our favorite ride was. It is normally less busy here than other Disney dining options, so Cast Members have more time to interact with guests.

Tips – As Leaning Palms is the main quick service restaurant, avoid it at main feeding times if the park is busy. Walk around a little bit to find a table because there are plenty of shaded tables around the corner.

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