Last straw: Mickey Mouse unable to hide his anger and jealousy in front of Guests at Disney Park

Can we just be completely candid here and say it without all the pretty words and the colorful sentiments? The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuring pandemonium have messed up everything at the parks!

Don’t get us wrong; we’re thrilled that the parks have reopened, and we’re excited about the steps Disney has taken to bring us back to a more “normal” feeling of operations inside the parks, but if we’re totally honest, parts of this “new normal” don’t feel normal at all. We miss the little things that added to the overall experience of being in the parks, and one of those things is actually getting to meet AND greet our favorite characters.

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Mickey Mouse Character Sighting Now Open at Town Square Theater in the  Magic Kingdom

The exchanges we shared in the parks with characters–regardless of how short they were–were simply a part of the magic, and without them, we feel a bit shortchanged. We understand the need to keep everyone as safe as possible, but we miss our hugs with Mickey and the gang.

And it’s possible all the changes are getting to Mickey himself too. In a video tweeted by @gourmetdyy, we see a completely different side of Mickey Mouse at Shanghai Disneyland. He’s usually a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, cheerful, smiling and full of life, but in this video, we see the jealous side of Mickey, and we even see him becoming angry when Minnie Mouse seems to be enjoying the attention of Chip ‘n’ Dale a little too much.

At first we see Mickey as he notices Minnie hugging Chip. He looks almost frozen. Frozen but fuming. And instead of just blowing off the spectacle, Mickey appears to immediately take off after Chip, seemingly chasing him out of view of onlooking Guests.

Then Dale can be seen taking the time to hug Minnie as well. We wonder if Mickey saw that too!

Perhaps the owner of this video just caught Mickey (and Minnie) on an “off” day at the parks at Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland opened to Guests in June 2016. In early 2020, the Disney Resort in Shanghai closed to Guests in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic and reopened to Guests in May 2020. It has closed since reopening, but only briefly. About a month ago, Shanghai Disneyland locked its Guests after discovering that one Guest had tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone within its gates was forced to submit to a COVID test before being allowed to leave.

The park reopened two days later, and a similar situation took place at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in mid-November, leading to a two-day closure at that park.

All in all, we’re excited the parks have reopened, but there are just some things we really, really miss, and we’re hopeful those things will one day return as well!

And we sure hope Mickey and Minnie have worked out their issues as well. Surely it was just a misunderstanding!

(Twitter images: Credit Twitter/@gourmetdyy)

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