La Cantina de San Angel Review


La Cantina de San Angel Review

One of my husband and I’s favorite activities while in Walt Disney World is to take a long, leisurely trip or two around the World Showcase in EPCOT.  While doing so, we are sure La Cantina, a counter service restaurant in the Mexico Pavilion, is either the first or last stop of our day.

Once you enter the Mexico pavilion from the Future World side of EPCOT, La Cantina’s archway beckons you to enjoy some time sitting alongside the World Showcase Lagoon.  If you enjoy Mexican food, La Cantina is a can’t miss stop on your trip around the world.  The restaurant opens at 11 am with the rest of the World Showcase attractions.

After you pass through the archway, a cast member will direct you to a cashier where you will place your order.  Entrée choices include steak or chicken tacos, cheese empanadas, been nachos or tortilla chips with guacamole.  The tacos and empanadas are served with tortilla chips.  La Cantina is an affordable option as entrée prices range from $7.50 to $11.99.

La Cantina is also home to one of my favorite desserts in all of Walt Disney World: Churritos!  These miniature versions of the Walt Disney World staple come in a basket of five and are served with a yummy milk caramel sauce.

For the over-21 set, be sure to grab a frozen margarita or a Dos Equis to accompany your meal.  Children and young adults may enjoy one of the various Mexican sodas to help wash down their meal.

Once you’ve order and picked up your food from the window, head to your right an take a seat under the large covered gazebo abutting the restaurant.  This shaded area affords you a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon, as well as a great photo opportunity to take in most of the countries of the World Showcase.

On our most recent visit, I enjoyed the chicken tacos.  The shells are the soft, corn tortillas served at most Mexican restaurants.  The chicken is juicy and flavorful and not too spicy.  However, I enjoy spicy foods and always choose to add some spice with one of the salsas from the condiments bar.  The accompanying chips seem to be handmade, and they are crispy and topped with just the right amount of sea salt.

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As much as I enjoyed my tacos, I couldn’t wait to finish so I could dig in to the best part of the meal: the Churritos!  These little cinnamon and sugar covered sticks of fried dough are heaven in a basket.  On this day, they were fried to a perfect mix of chewy and crispy and covered with a thick layer of cinnamon and sugar.  Once I dipped my Churritos into the milky caramel sauce that is sweet with just a hint of salt, I realized I should have skipped the tacos and went straight for dessert!

I would recommend La Cantina de San Angel to anyone wanting a delicious and affordable meal during their visit to EPCOT.  La Cantina is close enough to FutureWorld that you could stop in while waiting for your FastPass time to TestTrack or Mission: Space.  Although, as mentioned, La Cantina is a perfect start or end, or middle if you don’t mind skipping countries, to your tour around the World Showcase.

La Cantina FAST Review

Food: Guests of La Cantina de San Angel can expect to find quality Mexican food, including tacos, empanadas and nachos.  The churritos, and the caramel sauce that accompanies them, are a can’t miss.  While I usually accompany my meal with a frozen margarita, next time I’ll be sure to try the available Mexican beer: Dos Equis.

Atmosphere: When you need to take a break from your trip around the World Showcase, or some fuel before you start, there is nothing more relaxing than a meal on the World Showcase Lagoon.  This counter service restaurant offers plenty of shaded seating, and the heat is often cut with breezes coming in from off of the lagoon.  At night, arrive early and grab a table by the railing for a spectacular view of Illuminations!

Service: Like many counter service restaurants, the service here is not extraordinary.  You place your order with and pay a cashier and then pick up your food and drinks at the corresponding window.  While you are waiting, feel free to stop by the salsa bar to choose from the day’s selection and add some spice to your entrée!

Tips: If you are with a group, have someone go and save a seat while another person orders, because seating is almost always full.  Also, for those of you drinking around the world, La Cantina makes a great first and/or last stop since it offers quick, delicious and filling snacks and allows you to bypass the usually long line at the Margarita stand for the must try Fiesta margarita!

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