Its Official: Advertisements Have Arrived to Disney+

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Earlier this year, Disney and Charter, a leading cable provider, forged a groundbreaking “multiyear distribution agreement” that sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. This strategic partnership paved the way for an exciting new development for Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers, promising them an irresistible perk: complimentary Disney+.

The deal, which showcased Disney’s commitment to expanding the reach of its streaming platform, was met with tremendous anticipation and enthusiasm from both Disney and Charter customers. With Spectrum TV Select Plus being one of the most popular cable packages in the United States, it was a match made in entertainment heaven.

However, there is one caveat to this incredible deal, which is active as of January 4, 2024.

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New Spectrum/Charter Deal With Disney+

With original films and TV shows from Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, National Geographic, Lucasfilm, and many others, this Disney+ deal seems like a dream come true. On the surface, this collaboration might seem like a win-win situation between two entertainment powerhouses, but let’s dive deeper into the significance of this agreement.

While it is wonderful that Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers will have access to Disney+ at no extra cost, there is one small thing that watchers do not find to be pleasant. The version of Disney+ that these subscribers will have access to is ad-supported, meaning that audiences will have to watch ads, similar to the standard cable experience.

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios, Disney+, Canva

By offering ad-supported Disney+ to Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers, Disney aims to solidify its position as a dominant force in the streaming landscape. With a plethora of exclusive content, beloved classics, and anticipated new releases, Disney+ has quickly established itself as a must-have streaming service for households worldwide. However, many fans dislike advertisements and do not see this as being a good deal.

A Changing Landscape for Streaming

With the announcement of this merger earlier this September, it was announced that Disney Junior, Disney XD, Freeform, and other popular channels would be dropped from the package. Some fans think that this merger defeats the purpose of having a streaming subscription. For many fans, an ad-free experience is the reason they are willing to pay the extra price tag.

As the new ad-supported Disney+ begins to be used by customers, it will be very fascinating to see what the feedback is moving forward. Do you think this is a good change?

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