‘It’s a Small World With Groot’: Iconic Attraction to Receive Marvel Retheme

It's a small world with groot
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This is a controversial change that will surely ruffle some feathers in the Disney community.

“It’s a Small World” is a timeless and beloved attraction found in various Disney parks around the world. This iconic ride takes visitors on a musical journey celebrating the global unity and diversity of cultures. As guests board the boat and glide along the gentle waterway, they are greeted by animatronic children representing different countries dressed in traditional attire and singing the famous song, “It’s a Small World.”

Known as one of Disney’s most famous attractions worldwide, fans were more than shocked to hear that the beloved attraction would be getting a Marvel retheme at one Disney Park.

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it's a small world holiday

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Marvel Takes Over Classic Attraction

The ride’s colorful and vibrant scenes depict famous landmarks from around the world, showcasing the beauty and richness of various cultures in a whimsical and enchanting manner. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Taj Mahal in India, each tableau is meticulously crafted to immerse guests in a whimsical world of harmony and peace.

What sets “It’s a Small World” apart is its universal appeal and ability to resonate with people from all walks of life. Children and adults alike are captivated by the charming dolls, whimsical sets, and enchanting music that make up this classic attraction. The ride not only entertains but also educates guests about the beauty of diversity and the importance of cultural understanding.

This attraction can be found at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Resort, and even parks worldwide like Tokyo Disney Resort. However, one of these location’s rides is about to change in a big way.

it's a small world holiday

Credit: Disney

“It’s a Small World with Groot”

It was announced today that “It’s a Small World with Groot,” incorporating beloved characters from Marvel Studios, is set to take over at Tokyo Disney Resort in the enchanting winter of 2025. This new ride layover is anticipated to grace the park for an extended period, with plans for it to enchant Disney Park visitors for a minimum of six months.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s embrace of Marvel characters in this unique venture signifies a groundbreaking moment, being the inaugural showcase of Marvel superheroes within the resort’s magical realm. This innovative addition is poised to spark excitement and captivate guests with the fusion of Disney’s timeless charm and the thrilling world of Marvel.

With this announcement just breaking, it will be fascinating to see the reaction from fans of the classic Small World ride.

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