Is Splash Mountain HAUNTED!? Guest Captures CREEPY Face While on the Ride

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It looks like Haunted Mansion might not be the only haunted ride at Disney…

Right now, Guests are gearing up to say goodbye to the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland Resort. The ride, which will close forever on May 30, 2023, is a controversial ride that nevertheless has an undeniably large fanbase. One of the reasons people gravitate towards the ride is because of the history and lore that surrounds it.

With the closing just days away, fans are eager to ride Splash Mountain before it is gone for good. One such fan was experiencing Splash Mountain on Saturday, May 20, when they felt a second pair of eyes on them. They managed to capture a photo of the incident, and now fans have gone wild over this totally creepy experience.

Splash Mountain Log


Creepy Face Leaves Guest Puzzled

For many fans, no trip to Disneyland is complete without experiencing the thrill of the Splash Mountain ride. This iconic attraction has been around since 1989, and since then, it has been a favorite of visitors of all ages. However, recent events have pushed the ride into the spotlight, prompting a decision by Disney to reimagine it.

The story revolves around Brer Rabbit, a critter who sets out on a quest to evade the grasp of Brer Fox and Brer Bear. Along the way, he encounters other characters like Mama Odie, who helps him out of tricky situations. The ride is loosely based on the controversial Disney film Song of the South, which has some racially inappropriate themes. This has resulted in the ride being rethemed into a Princess and the Frog-themed ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The Splash Mountain in Walt Disney World Resort closed earlier this year, and now it is time for the Disneyland version to leave as well.

Princess Tiana Takes Over Splash Mountain

That’s Not Supposed to Be There…

The Splash Mountain ride is full of tons of loveable and adorable characters. However, a Guest riding the attraction last weekend noticed an unfamiliar face looking back at them that wasn’t so cute. They captured a photo of the incident, in which you can see what looks to be a creepy doll face or animatronic mold staring back. The Guest posts;

“I rode Splash Mountain a few times this past Saturday morning and noticed what looked like a head behind me on the final ascent. I’m curious if anyone has any insight for what this could be. It would be strange for a mold or something related to the new project to be sitting there, right?”

splash mountain face

Credit: u/earffeltower on Reddit

Spotted on Splash 5/20
byu/earffeltower inDisneyland

This is an incredibly strange and confusing experience. No comment from Disney or a Cast Member has been made at this time.

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