Is Disney Scrubbing Former President Donald Trump from the Hall of Presidents?

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The Hall of Presidents is a captivating attraction in the heart of the Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort. This unique experience combines entertainment and education, allowing visitors to delve into the rich history of the United States through an enchanting display of animatronic presidents. Former leaders of our great country can be seen live and in person, including recent presidents like George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.


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The current sitting president, Joe Biden, is also a focal point of the top-rated attraction. However, with a new election in 2024 and plenty of controversy surrounding potential GOP candidate Donald Trump, many wonder if Disney would ever pull his audio-animatronic from the show.

Hall of Presidents: The Birth of a Patriotic Idea

The concept of the Hall of Presidents was inspired by Walt Disney’s passion for American history and his desire to create an attraction that would honor the leaders who shaped the nation. The Hall of Presidents opened its doors in 1971, making it one of the oldest and most revered attractions at Disney World.

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Beginning as an idea featuring our nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, the Hall of Presidents has morphed into something grandeur over the years, including replicas of each man who has held the office, despite their popularity with voters or the general public.

The Hall of Presidents seriously considers the idea of a free America. Therefore, although we may not appreciate, like, or respect each individual who has held the office. Allowing them to be showcased as the leaders of the free world is essential.

A Presidential Showcase

As you step into the Hall of Presidents, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lifelike figures of all the presidents of the United States. Each president comes to life through the art of animatronics, showcasing their unique mannerisms, speeches, and even their iconic gestures. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to witness these remarkable replicas standing side by side.

Hall of Presidents Liberty Square

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It’s really a sight to behold as each former president sits or stands, slightly moving in lifelike ways, while others, like Donald Trump, provide familiar gestures of their hands and face while speaking. The detail in these complex animatronics is immense.

Hall of Presidents Features Great Moments in American History

The Hall of Presidents doesn’t merely showcase the presidents but also highlights significant moments that have shaped the United States. Through a captivating presentation, visitors can relive iconic events such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, the moon landing, and other pivotal moments from American history.

Some presidents of note are an important part of these moments and significant shifts we’ve experienced in the culture of the United States and sometimes even the world—their representation and impact, whether positive or negative, matter.

Beyond Entertainment: Education and Inspiration

The Hall of Presidents offers an exceptional blend of entertainment and education. While the animatronic figures entertain guests with their lifelike movements, the attraction also strives to educate visitors about American history and the impact of presidential leadership. It’s an immersive experience that inspires patriotism and appreciation for the democratic ideals that the United States upholds.

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Besides education and inspiration, the show utilizes voice talents of Morgan Freeman, who narrates much of the attraction while highlighting important moments in American history, such as President Bush speaking after the 9/11 attacks on New York.

Technology and Imagineering

The creation of the animatronic presidents is a testament to Disney’s commitment to technological innovation. The figures are meticulously designed and infused with cutting-edge technology to portray the presidents’ appearances and movements accurately. Thanks to the talented Imagineers at Disney, the Hall of Presidents delivers a truly immersive and realistic experience.

great moments with mr lincoln

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As Walt Disney had a hand in the first animatronics that would pave the way for the Hall of Presidents during his development of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, the historical aspect of the attraction makes it a must-do as well. Tucked away in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom, the show could be considered by some as a modern marvel, as in some instances, it’s difficult to distinguish the amazing work of Disney from real life.

A visit to the Hall of Presidents at Disney is a journey into the heart of American history. This extraordinary attraction celebrates the legacy of the presidents and their contributions to the nation while also fostering a deep appreciation for the ideals upon which the United States was built.

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Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter; seeing the men who helped shape our free nation, like President Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Andrew Jackson, and James Madison, is a monumental occasion, and Walt Disney World got it right with the Hall of Presidents.

Donald Trump

We all know that the 45th president of the United States was Donald Trump. Possibly one of the most unpopular presidents, Mr. Trump’s legacy has been tarnished by controversy and ripped public opinion.

donald trump

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With a strong background in business, Trump broke the mold of former career politicians, becoming the leader of the free world, and opened the gates for celebrity presidential endorsements.

As Trump’s first term as president only lasted four years, being unseated by Democratic nominee Joe Biden in 2018, he will likely win the GOP and be represented as the Republican choice for the office again in 2024.

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However, a recent arrest, aggressive protest at the capitol, a slew of bad press, and now, removal from GOP ballots by the Colorado Supreme Court has many wondering if his legacy as president is too tarnished to hold onto.

Trump and the Hall of Presidents

President Trump’s inclusion in the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom didn’t come without controversy. Some claim that Disney repurposed an animatronic of Hillary Clinton that they already had prepared to go into the attraction, while others felt he shouldn’t be added at all.

For these reasons, Donald Trump’s animatronic at Magic Kingdom has been a sore spot for some who don’t support his hard-pressed speech and potentially checkered past, leading to rumors amidst his recent issues that Disney would pull it from the attraction.


This is the first time they’ve removed a president on the ride! #disneyworld #disneynews #hallofpresidents #presidenttrump #donaldtrump #joebiden

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However, before anyone gets too worked up, the original post that claimed Disney World would pull the animatronic is a noted troll account called Mouse Trap News, according to Snopes.

The post in question garnered much support from TikTok followers, but ultimately, as far as we can tell, the video claiming that Trump would be removed from the show is “tongue-in-cheek.”

This is a complete assumption, but it could be a nod at Disney’s handling of Johnny Depp, who ultimately was let go from the iconic role of Jack Sparrow after allegations of abuse were published by his ex-wife Amber Heard. As we’ve seen more recently with Jonathan Majors, Disney seems to have learned their lesson and will let legal proceedings play out before removing anyone from their content.

Claiming that Disney would remove Donald Trump due to “multiple criminal court cases” was enough to get the internet in a frenzy, with users going back and forth over whether they supported Trump or not. It was believable given their past with handling Johnny Depp before his court day. It was even more credible given the current legal action surrounding the former president.

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

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Despite all of that, it seems like Donald Trump is going nowhere in terms of the Hall of Presidents, which sites in Independence Hall. In a way, it would go against what many believe the attraction stands for to remove him. If they dismissed Trump, why not Nixon or Clinton? It would seem that Mouse Trap News, who posts satire takes on Walt Disney World often, upset the internet for no reason.

The attraction will remain true to the vision of Walt Disney, showcasing our nation’s leaders, the great men who have called the White House home over the centuries, despite public opinion, and some who have tried to cancel the show.

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  1. Trump whether you like him or not was a US president and should never be removed .He might have had a checked past or a mouth that spoke words not always becoming but i tell you this, i liked when it was 1.79 for gas and food prices were lower. Plus we didn’t get into a 3rd world war like they said we would under Trump. Now 2 big wars rage on under Biden’s watch. It’s just the facts.

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