Is the Infamous Nick Hotel Returning to Orlando? Here’s What We Know

Credit: Inside the Magic, Flickr

In 2005, Nickelodeon partnered with Holiday Inn, converting a Holiday Inn Resort Family Suites – Waterpark into the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn, or the Nickelodeon Suites Resort. Usually, this Resort was simply referred to as the Nick Hotel.

Credit: Inside the Magic, Flickr

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The Nick Hotel was located just one mile from Walt Disney World Resort, and many Guests who stayed at the converted Holiday Inn were visiting Universal Studios or Walt Disney World.

This Resort hotel included everything from waterparks to a 4-D theater to character breakfast at the Nicktoons Café. In short, the Resort hotel was a Nickelodeon fan’s dream. However, the dream didn’t last long, as the Nick Hotel was converted back into a Holiday Inn in 2016, just 11 years after its initial retheme.

Credit: Inside the Magic, Flickr

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The hotel was criticized for its awkward decorating, its childish atmosphere, and how expensive it was to stay. Despite these criticisms, the Nick Hotel was beloved by fans of the cartoon network.

However, fans of the original who either stayed or never got the chance to visit will be excited to hear that another Nickelodeon-themed Resort hotel will be built in Orlando, not far from Walt Disney World.

Credit: Inside the Magic, Flickr

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According to a report by NickALive!, “Construction has begun on Everest Place, a development near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, featuring shopping, dining, and several hotels, including Nickelodeon Hotel & Resort.”

Considering this second chance at a Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, we hope that Everest Place learns from Holiday Inn’s initial mistakes and that things go more smoothly this time.

Credit: Inside the Magic, Flickr

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Stay tuned to Disney Dining for more updates on the upcoming Resort hotel.

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