Disney Guest Voices Concern for Safety After Their Door Doesn’t Lock at Resort Hotel

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This is scary to hear…

One of the main reasons why Guests love visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort year after year is because of the top-of-the-line Resort accommodations. Many Guests save up for months, or even years, to afford the opportunity of staying in one of Disney’s exceptional resorts.

People choose to stay on Disney property for a variety of reasons, two of them being accessibility and safety. Guests love how safe Disney’s property is to visit; it is one of the reasons why Guests feel comfortable bringing their children there year after year.

This is why fans were shocked to hear one Guests report of a hotel door not locking during a Walt Disney World Resort stay.

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Major Safety Concern Reported in Orlando, Florida

The Dolphin Resort Hotel is one of the many Disney-owned hotels in Walt Disney World. Located in the heart of the action on Disney property, the hotel is a great choice for families looking to experience the magic of Disney. Unfortunately, one Guest’s experience has made others wary of enjoying this property.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

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A Guest made a shocking claim when they posted to Reddit that their hotel room at the Dolphin Hotel would not lock during their stay. The Guest explained;

We stayed this past week at the Dolphin and while overall it was fine, we had a major issue in that our room’s door wouldn’t latch properly unless we SLAMMED the door (disturbing other guests I’m sure). We called down on day one and supposedly, they sent someone to fix it but whatever they did made it more difficult to close from inside the room (neither of my kids were able to open or close the door by themselves and many times I, an adult woman, couldn’t open it either!)

Housekeeping routinely left the door unlatched while we were out at the parks, meaning anyone could have walked into our room. Luckily nobody did but I didn’t like the lack of security for hours.

Has anyone else had issues at this hotel? Anything we could have done differently?

This was room 14113 for reference.

Dolphin Hotel: Door Won’t Lock?
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What to Do in This Situation

This news is not great to hear. If you find that the door doesn’t lock at the Dolphin Resort Hotel or any Resort property, be sure to get help right away. The best option, in this case, would be to request a new room.

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