HORRIFYING: Alligator Seen Devouring Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse gator
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Alligators have made their presence known in the enchanting realm of Walt Disney World Resort. These fascinating creatures, known for their prehistoric lineage and formidable nature, have occasionally been spotted within the park’s expansive grounds. While this may come as a surprise to some visitors, it is a reminder that Walt Disney World is not just home to magical characters and exhilarating attractions but also a diverse array of wildlife that coexist within its borders.

While these sightings are a normal part of Florida’s ecosystem, they do cause quite a fright when you see them in real life.

Massive 920 LB Florida Alligator Captured Outside of Disney World

Credit: Disney/ Canva

Alligators at Disney: Not the Kind of Magic We Were Looking For

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscape of Central Florida, the theme park and resort boasts an impressive array of flora and fauna, providing a habitat that supports a variety of species. Alligators, being native to the region, have found a niche within the area’s ecosystem. While Disney tries their best to keep every gator away from guests, there are certain areas where interactions become unavoidable.

It is important to note that despite the occasional sightings, Walt Disney World Resort takes the safety of its guests and wildlife very seriously. The park has implemented proactive measures to ensure that any interactions between visitors and alligators are kept to an absolute minimum. This includes enforcing strict guidelines to discourage guests from feeding or approaching these ancient reptiles. By adhering to these guidelines, visitors can peacefully coexist with every large alligator that calls the resort home.

In the event that an alligator is spotted within the park, Disney’s trained and experienced animal care team swiftly takes action to ensure the safety of both guests and the animal. Disney works closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department for situations like this. These experts carefully assess the situation and, if necessary, relocate the alligator to an appropriate habitat away from the guest areas. This responsible approach not only prioritizes the well-being of visitors but also respects the natural behavior and habitat requirements of these magnificent creatures.

A recent video that surfaced out of Celebration, Florida, shows just why Disney takes the safety of Disney park guests around alligators so seriously.

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alligator with mickey ears

Credit: Twitter/Daily Gators/Canva

Alligator Attacks Mickey Mouse

A video posted by @BrerKnoll has taken the internet by storm. In the video, you can see an alligator attack a stuffed animal, Mickey Mouse, in the water. The animal is clearly unaware that the toy is not edible and bites away anyway. Fans of Mickey were horrified to see the adorable Mouse being eaten by such a fearsome predator. 


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This incident further highlights the need for safety guidelines around guests and these fearsome predators. There is a reason why Disney takes the safety of guests so seriously; it is to protect guests and Disney characters from dangerous animals. The occasional presence of alligators on Disney property serves as a reminder that within the confines of this beloved destination, the wonders of the natural world are not far away. Relish in the enchantment while respecting and cherishing the magnificent creatures that call this place home.

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