TV Star, Singer Announces Departure From Disney During ‘Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!’

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After more than six years, one singer and Hollywood star is calling it quits with Disney, making the announcement during Monday evening’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! broadcast.

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An ‘Idol’ Says Farewell

During Monday evening’s broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Kimmel welcomed pop singer, TV personality, and American Idol judge Katy Perry.

During her interview with Kimmel, Perry talked about her experiences during King Charles’s coronation in May 2023, and Kimmel played a short clip of Perry at the coronation, which went viral because of the expression on Perry’s face. She explained to Kimmel that in the clip, she was searching for a seat, as there were no assigned seats during the event.

But the big news of the segment was Perry’s announcement that she’s leaving the Disney-owned American Idol show after more than six years on the show.

Katy Perry quits American Idol after 7 seasons

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Perry joined the judges’ panel on the show in 2018 during the 16th season, just after the show moved to the ABC television network.

When Kimmel asked the pop star what her American Idol co-hosts Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie said in response to the news of her departure from the show, she answered, telling Kimmel that they “would find out tonight,” indicating that she hadn’t yet told them.

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“I’m creating space for my new wingspan,” she said to Kimmel, explaining that she has several plans for this “exciting year.”

While Perry wasn’t overtly specific about those plans, she said that her Idol co-hosts Richie and Bryan know that she’s been spending time “in the studio” recently, nodding to the possibility of Perry’s work on an upcoming album.

A Las Vegas Residency & a New Album

The last album Perry released was titled “Smile” and debuted in 2020. Then, in 2021, Perry began performing in Las Vegas. Her show, Katy Perry: PLAY, was described by Grammy as “one of the most mind-expanding productions in recent memory” and “a sort of blend between Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Toy Story,” as Perry played the role of a doll “struggling to find her place in the human world.”

katy perry play

Credit: KatyPerry.com

In April 2023, Perry announced the end of her Las Vegas residency, telling fans that “the last 50 shows in Vegas have just flown by” and that “it’s bittersweet to announce the final ten shows of PLAY ever, but I am so excited to continue bringing this larger than life spectacle through my last date on November 4.”

Now, a source close to the pop star says she has been busy writing and recording a new album–one that will likely be released sometime in 2024, and a tour could accompany the release.

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