Holiday Crowds Result in Disney Park Service Reaching Capacity

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Walt Disney World Resort guests hoping to use this popular service are out of luck, thanks to the post-Christmas crowds that are filling the Resort.

The holiday period is a particularly enchanting time to visit Walt Disney World Resort, as the parks are decked out with dazzling decorations, festive lights, and a palpable sense of joy. The cheerful atmosphere permeates every corner of the Resort, creating a magical experience for all who venture through its gates.

Because of this allure, a high number of fans are drawn to the parks during this time. In fact, one park was sold out due to the holiday crowds today.

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hollywood studios night

Credit: Disney

Quick Sellout Leads to Ridiculous Wait Times

Genie+ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has proven to be an incredibly popular choice among park-goers, as evidenced by its sellout today. This high demand can largely be attributed to the festive atmosphere that engulfs the park during the Christmas and New Year’s seasons, attracting massive crowds of eager visitors. The allure of experiencing the magic of Disney during these joyous times is simply irresistible to many, making it no surprise that Genie+ has reached its capacity.

With Genie+ completely sold out at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s clear that guests are eager to take advantage of this convenient and time-saving service offered by Disney. By utilizing Genie+, visitors can make reservations and access Lightning Lane entrances for a wide range of popular attractions throughout the park. As a result, they can bypass long wait times and make the most of their time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Quick Sellout Leads to Ridiculous Wait Times

It is evident by the attraction wait times that today is extraordinarily busy at Disney.

Overall, the overwhelming demand for Genie+ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the Christmas and New Year’s seasons highlights the park’s immense popularity and the undeniable allure of experiencing Disney magic during these special times. While the sellout may be a temporary setback, it shouldn’t dampen the overall excitement and enjoyment that awaits guests at this magical theme park. Whether it’s through Genie+ or other means, there are abundant opportunities to create cherished memories and embrace the holiday spirit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort this holiday season, it is recommended that you purchase your Disney Genie+ service as early as possible.

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