Hilarious New “Snow White” Trailer Released Ahead of the Film’s Controversial Theatrical Debut

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A hilarious new trailer for Disney’s controversial live-action Snow White has been released ahead of the film’s theatrical debut, and even though it’s not from Disney, many fans love it and can’t stop laughing.

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fake trailer for snow white remake film

Credit: Screenshot/The Babylon Bee

Love them or hate them, Disney’s live-action remakes seem to have taken on a life of their own–one that exists just outside of the bulk of the Disney empire, like a visitor you’re not sure you should invite inside. Then again, the remakes have been fully embraced by some, regardless of what many fans of Disney’s classic tales see as overt deviations from the storylines in the films from which the reboots take their inspiration.

The practice begs a few questions: If filmmakers intend to change everything about a classic Disney tale with their take-twos, why call them remakes? Why not drum up some original imagination and new creative processes to turn out something moviegoers want to see instead of using the premise of a remake as nothing more than a stolen platform to further whatever agenda is popular that season?

Growing Unrest Over the “Remake”

Fans aren’t wrong. Those overt deviations in many of Disney’s live-action remakes are underscored at every opportunity. Never mind the fact that the very term remake means to make again, to produce something again. But Disney’s remakes could more appropriately be described as revisions, as many of them seek to “correct” or “make right” some element in the original film that was a terrible misstep in Disney’s history–or so they tell us.

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live action lady and the tramp disney 2019

Disney’s live-action “Lady and the Tramp” (2019)/Credit: Disney

Disney continues to engage scriptwriters, filmmakers, producers, and actors who show very little in the way of respect toward the legacy of The Walt Disney brand, its precepts, or its owner, the very genius and visionary behind it all–Walter Elias Disney. And none of Disney’s remakes since the trend began in 2010 has espoused more of that disrespect than the upcoming Snow White film, whose release date looks to be shelved at Disney.

Never has one of Disney’s remakes been so steeped in controversy–much of it the responsibility of the supposed “star” actress and the lead writer–as Snow White.

Study Proves That Disney Is Making a Big Mistake With Their ‘Snow White’ Live-Action Remake

Credit: Disney/Canva

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Disney fans who have had their fill of Snow White‘s controversy and near-weekly announcements about yet another entitled remark from actress Rachel Zegler (Snow White) or another element of the film that fits seamlessly with the filmmakers’ agenda are certainly not alone. In fact, they’re in very good company–first, with a growing majority of other Disney fans who have voiced their intention to skip the film altogether, both in the theater and on Disney+, when the film becomes part of the streamer’s catalog, and second, with a popular conservative satire website called The Babylon Bee.

Satire Does the Trick

According to, “Satire is a genre in which exaggeration, irony, humor, or ridicule is used to criticize and expose flaws in human nature and behavior,” and one of the latest examples of satire at The Babylon Bee is its recently-released (and totally fake) trailer for Disney’s newest live-action film.

live action snow white film's "magical creatures"

“Snow White and the Seven Magical Creatures”/Credit: Screenshot/The Babylon Bee

Such a trailer is welcome for two reasons–one, because the use of satire in the trailer puts a spotlight on the ridiculous agenda–woke and otherwise–that has been the central focus of the film since its first cast member was hired, and two, because Disney has yet to release even a teaser trailer for the film, even though filming wrapped in July 2022, which is increasingly suspicious.

In the first look at Disney’s reboot of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as created by the brilliant minds and creative personalities at The Babylon Bee, many of the film’s most irritating and annoying “elements” are highlighted. And the result is hilarious.

Note: The title of the upcoming live-action remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was shortened to only “Snow White,” so as not to confuse, confound, ostracize, label, or otherwise offend anyone anywhere at any time for any reason–and also to make sure no one gets any ideas about the film giving anyone but lead female character any kudos or credence whatsoever.

The trailer, though fake, might just be the truest testament to the film’s ridiculous storyline, and next year’s theatrical debut will serve only to corroborate the truth within this “trailer” from the film.

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  2. Thanks so much for watching our video. It’s such a strange time we live in. I just want to sing along to Disney musicals and eat short rib poutine from Red Rose Tavern, but I don’t always love everything the mouse is prioritizing these days. Hopefully someday they will one day return to the things that motivated them for years: making magical experiences for us and record profits for themselves.