Heated Car Chase Ends With Showdown on Disney Property

disneyland car chase
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This is definitely not something that you see every day.

Millions of fans all over the world love visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort for a variety of reasons. In addition to the world-class entertainment, attractions, food, and lodging, Disney Parks also provides a level of safety and protection that parents love.

When visiting the Disney Parks, Guests are diligently protected by the world-class team of Disney Cast Members and security. The Walt Disney Company takes the safety of their Guests very seriously, and because of that, families feel very comfortable within the Parks.

However, Disney’s safety measures can only help so much. Sometimes, dangerous threats result in police showdowns on Disney’s properties.

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Credit: Disney

Criminal Activity on Disney Property

There are plenty of concerns that Guests might have when heading to Disney Parks for a vacation or outing. Things like weather, crowds, and costs are all things that Guests worry about before their trip. What doesn’t usually come to mind is a high-speed car chase.

One of the things that makes Walt Disney World and Disneyland unique is that both of them are Resort properties. This means that they both have an expansive piece of land that they own besides just the theme parks. It was on the property that a car chase went down between cops and a speeding vehicle.

disneyland castle storm

Credit: Disney

Car Chase Comes to Climactic End at Disneyland Resort

The chase took place early morning on May 18, 2023. According to Guest reports, by 8:30 a.m., the chase had been completed. Things came to an end when the suspect pulled into the Harbor Cast Member Lot. Some Cast Members reported that the chase caused an increase in traffic getting to work that day.

Car Chase ends as suspects pull into the Harbor Cast Member Lot
by u/davis_unoxx in Disneyland

Thankfully, no one has reported being hurt by this incident, which is semi-shocking due to the number of pedestrians on sidewalks in the area. This situation was definitely scary, and hopefully, all has been resolved for the Anaheim Police Department.

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