Is Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion Receiving a New Happy Haunt?

Yesterday, we reported that Magic Kingdom’s beloved Haunted Mansion had unexpectedly shut down. We thought the attraction was “Temporarily Closed” due to technical difficulties brought on by old age, and stated that the ride would likely return soon.

However, the attraction is still unavailable a day later. What could be causing such a closure? Here’s what we think may be going on.

the haunted mansion is temporarily closed

Credit: Disney World Mobile App

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First and foremost, this closure is only reflected on the Walt Disney World mobile app. Upon visiting the official Walt Disney World website, there is no disclaimer, warning, or notification that the attraction is closed. Usually, when an attraction is closed for refurbishment or maintenance, Walt Disney World’s website will notify viewers of the closure and the cause.

However, the Haunted Mansion page is eerily silent on these details.

That doesn’t mean that routine maintenance and refurbishment aren’t going on, but it does make it less likely. After all, if it were something as commonplace as regular refurbishment, Walt Disney World would surely notify Guests of the closure.


Credit: Disney

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Yesterday, we also reported on Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion, as some Guests had noticed that one of the Happy Haunts was missing from his post.

Allegedly, the iconic Mummy animatronic is missing from Liberty Square’s Haunted Mansion attraction. To reinstall this animatronic, Walt Disney World could have closed the dark ride temporarily. It also would explain the lack of communication, as it’s uncommon for Walt Disney World to bring attention to any technical difficulties surrounding animatronics.

But the most exciting possibility is the installment of a brand-new Happy Haunt. In all honesty, he wouldn’t be ‘brand-new’ in the slightest, but he would be an all-new addition to Magic Kingdom.

Captain Culpepper Clyne

Credit: Disney

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In the fall of 2022, the official Disney Parks social media accounts made an exciting announcement: the iconic Hatbox Ghost would be added to Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion.

The Hatbox Ghost debuted in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion but was shortly removed because the effects weren’t convincing enough. However, the classic specter was reinstalled into Disneyland’s version of the attraction in 2015. Now, it seems that he’s coming to Walt Disney World, which may be why the attraction is closed.


BREAKING! The Hatbox Ghost will materialize in 2023 at Disney World! ?? @disneyd23 #D23Expo #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #HauntedMansion #DisneyParksVoices #HatBoxGhost

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This is pure speculation, as Walt Disney World has not officially confirmed that the Haunted Mansion is closed to install the Hatbox Ghost.

That being said, Disney Dining will keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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