This Classic Haunted Mansion Animatronic Is Reportedly Missing

Walt Disney World Resort is home to four different Parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Although each Disney Park is wholly unique, Magic Kingdom is undeniably the most popular.

Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

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The Disney Park is home to classic attractions, such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, “it’s a small world,” Peter Pan’s Flight, and possibly the most beloved of all, the Haunted Mansion.

Credit: Disney

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Although Magic Kingdom is easily the most family-friendly Walt Disney World Resort theme park, the Haunted Mansion is honestly pretty spooky! The experience begins when one of the maids or butlers welcomes Guests inside the mansion, where they receive an introduction from the Ghost Host.

They enter the infamous stretching room after watching the eerie decomposition of the Master of the house before making their way to the Doom Buggy ride vehicles. From there, Guests fates are sealed.

Credit: Disney

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As they tour the Haunted Mansion, they hear and see strange, spooky, and paranormal happenings. After being a part of Madame Leota’s seance, the Guests can finally join the “Swinging Wake.” As it turns out, Ghosts party hard! Guests travel from the ballroom, out of the Mansion, and into the Graveyard, where the biggest party takes place.

This is where some of the silliest and spookiest animatronics reside, including a mummy who usually sits outside a sarcophagus. However, one Guest recently reported that this iconic mummy is missing in action.

What happened to the mummy in Haunted Mansion? from WaltDisneyWorld

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Although we’re unsure where this mummy has gone, it’s unlikely that the animatronic will be absent from the attraction forever. Soon enough, the wrapped-up rascal will surely return to his post in the Haunted Mansion’s graveyard.

Until then, the remaining 998 Happy Haunts will have to continue partying without him!

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