Guests Conclusively Agree on the Worst Disney Ride

Night view of a whimsical, tree-inspired cottage with a large, colorful stained glass window and wooden sign that reads "Geppetto's Cottage," inspired by the worst Disneyland ride. It is surrounded by lush greenery and softly lit pathways.
Credit: Disney

After a raging debate, guests of the Disneyland Resort seemed to independently agree on the worst ride at the Disney Park.

The magic of Disney Parks lies in their universal appeal, effectively bridging cultural divides and bringing people together through the shared love of cherished characters and timeless stories. This global phenomenon is a testament to the widespread influence of the Disney brand, a cultural icon that transcends borders and languages.

Whether in Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, or Walt Disney World in the United States, guests from diverse cultures find a sense of belonging as they encounter familiar characters and narratives that reflect their own experiences and values.

The enchanting world of Disney captures the hearts of visitors from all walks of life, offering a sense of inclusivity and representation that is truly commendable. From the enchanting Magic Kingdom to the thrilling rides of Disney California Adventure, each park presents a unique blend of entertainment that speaks to the essence of different cultures while celebrating the universal themes of joy, friendship, and adventure.

The entrance of Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort

The entrance of Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort / Credit: Disney

Disney Parks serve as melting pots of culture, where guests from around the world come together to celebrate the magic of imagination and creativity. It is this seamless fusion of cultural diversity and shared storytelling that sets Disney Parks apart as a playground where guests can immerse themselves in the magic of Walt Disney’s imagination, regardless of their background.

From the picturesque landscapes of Disneyland Resort in California to the futuristic marvels of Tokyo Disneyland, each park offers a tapestry of experiences that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of a global audience.

This is one of the big reasons representation and diversity is so key for The Walt Disney Company.

disneyland matterhorn ride

The popular Disneyland ride: The Matterhorn / Credit: Disneyland Resort

However, not every part of the Disney experience is universally beloved. There are some obvious issues that guests have made their feelings clear about multiple times over: think like the rising prices but a reported lower quality of the theme park experience.

Fans have complained about rides breaking down, attractions being only partly functional (we’re looking at you, “it’s a small world”), and even smaller food portion sizes for higher prices.

But, even without the issue of the price tag, there are some attractions, for example, of which guests are not a fan. And recently, one fan took to X, formerly Twitter, to ask fans what their least favorite ride at Disneyland was.

The answers were varied, but a clear pattern emerged when it came to which Disney Park ride or attraction guests were least impressed with.

The “winner”?


Autopia, as Disney fans would know, is the only existing Tomorrowland attraction in Disneyland that dates back to Disneyland Park’s opening day in 1955. At its debut, the attraction was intended to capture the fascination with America’s then-latest invention: the freeway.

Despite this long history, most fans voted for Autopia to be the first Disneyland ride to say its goodbyes to the Disneyland crowd.

In addition, some other special mentions include Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pinnochio’s Daring Journey, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

sweethearts nite at disneyland california

Sleeping Beauty Castle during Sweetheart Nite at Disneyland Park / Credit: Disneyland Resort

What do you think of Autopia and other nominations for the worst Disneyland ride? Let Disney Dining know in the comments. 

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