Guests Are Asking For More Crowd Control at Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle
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Anyone who’s been to Walt Disney World Resort pre-pandemic and post-pandemic will know that the crowd patterns are nothing like they used to be.

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There used to be an off-season for visiting the Disney Parks, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the off-season has disappeared. Unfortunately, the low crowds and the average crowds have gone with it.

This is one of the many challenges that has come of the ‘new normal,’ but some Guests are having a harder time accepting it than others.

Main Street

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The Walt Disney Company has tried different tactics to lower the heavy crowds in both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. But alas, Disney Genie+, Lightning Lanes, altered Park hours, and Park Reservations have yet to control the crowd level in a way Guests prefer.

After all, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for a Disney vacation just to feel like a sardine! When a Disney fan asked an online community about the changes they’d make to theme parks,  some of the responses focused on crowd control.

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One Reddit user suggested that Cast Members get involved with crowd control, writing:

Cast members that tell the large family/tour groups who always seem to stop right in the middle of the main walkway in the Fantasyland choke point to move to the side and stop blocking the path. Same for the people who walk six across at a pace that would make a snail impatient.

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

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When it comes to crowd patterns, sometimes the Guests themselves can be the magic they want to see. If your group stops in the middle of the main street or in front of an attraction, try encouraging them to move to the side to make room for other Guests. On the other hand, if somebody is in your way, politely ask them to move.

There’s no reason to be rude or grumpy at Walt Disney World! Although many are still on edge after being isolated during the lockdown, the only way to return to the way things were is to move forward with kindness and selflessness.

What are your ideas for crowd control in the Parks?

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