Guest Tosses Child Over Gate, Runs Away From Cast Members

Guest throws child over gate "it's a small world"
Credit: mgkaty._ TikTok

Walt Disney World is a magical place where dreams come true and possibilities are endless. Millions of people visit Disney World every year, leaving them with memories they will cherish forever. Unfortunately, it seems that now, more than ever, a lot of them are also leaving with memories they would rather forget. Guest behavior seems to be at an all-time low, and it’s disappointing to see.

One guest, Katy, recently enjoyed a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth with her father and her young daughter. For her daughter’s very first ride, they decided to head into Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom and ride “it’s a small world.” The slow-moving boat ride takes guests on a trip around the world, as animatronic dolls sing about how we are all connected.

it's a small world Britain doll, Magic Kingdom

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As they approached the end of the ride, Katy (@mgkaty._) said she saw the cast members in the bridge area pointing in her direction. However, they were not pointing at her. They allegedly pointed at a man who had climbed out of one of the ride vehicles, even though he was supposed to remain seated.

According to Katy, a cast member came running down, telling the man to stay seated because the ride had not come to a full stop. The man did not listen, and things only got worse from there.

it's a small world magic kingdom

Credit: Disney

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The man reportedly jumped out of the ride WITH A YOUNG CHILD, causing the entire ride to be shut down. The cast member said the gates would not open because of what the man did. But the man wasn’t letting that stop him.

Katy said that the man shoved the cast member out of the way, tossed his child over the gate, and jumped over the gate himself! He then took his child and ran away as the cast members tried to stop him.

Warning: Video contains harsh language that may not be suitable for younger viewers


every ounce of my being wants to know why he jumped off the boat 🙃 #disneyworld #disneyworldstorytime #stuckonaride #disneyworldexperience #itsasmallworld #disneyworldrides #magickingdom #disneytok #fyp

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Sadly, we do not know what happened to this outrageous guest. We can only hope that he was stopped by Disney cast members and security and escorted out of the park. Disobeying the rules and assaulting cast members is absolutely unacceptable.

Sadly, this is not the first time we have seen bad behavior on “it’s a small world.” In fact, it seems to be one of the most popular rides for guests to exhibit atrocious behavior.

it's a small world holiday Disneyland

Credit: D23

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Just last November, a man riding “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Resort stunned guests when he climbed out of his boat and stripped naked. He then swam through some of the water and climbed onto the animatronics. Police were called, and the man tried to evade them, but he was eventually captured. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Naked man it's a small world

Credit: Ashley Esqueda Twitter

Another guest reported that they saw a guest strip down their young child. They then held the child over the water and let their child pee in the water. They then used a tissue to wipe the child and threw the dirty tissue in the water.

What is the worst behavior you have seen from a guest in the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. We haven’t been to any of the parks in a dozen years.
    Apparently, because of the woke & entitled attitudes of nasty, mean & rude guests they have decided to ruin our enjoyment. We simply are not woke & can’t, on Social Security, afford Disney.

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