Guest Shares Tip to Cheat the Bag Check Security Line at Walt Disney World

Guest Shares Tip to Cheat the Bag Check Security Line at Walt Disney World
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Bag check security lines are an essential part of the entrance process at any park in the Walt Disney World Resort, ensuring the safety and well-being of all visitors. However, these lines can sometimes be perceived as a hassle, especially during busy periods.

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There’s nothing worse than hopping off of your tram at the Transportation and Ticket Center outside of Magic Kingdom, only to be held up by Disney World security before you can board the monorail or boats.

The argument can be made when visiting Disney Springs, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios. All facilities at Walt Disney World incorporate security bag checks. Although they can be frustrating and hold you up, they are of utmost importance to the safety and security of all guests and cast members.

Tips and Tricks to Help Skip the Walt Disney World Bag Search

When dealing with the potential of being stopped for a Walt Disney World bag search, there are a few tips and tricks that can help minimize the invasiveness of Disney security. These planning tips can aid with wasting valuable Disney Park time while you’re visiting.

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Arrive Early:
To avoid the potential stress of long lines, arriving at the park entrance before the official opening time is advisable. By doing so, you can be among the first guests to go through bag check security, minimizing waiting time and maximizing your park experience.

Prepare Your Bags:
Make the bag check process smoother by organizing your belongings beforehand. Keep items that may require additional inspection, such as metal water bottles, keys, or electronic devices, easily accessible. Avoid carrying excessive bags or unnecessary items, as this can prolong the bag check process.

Be Familiar with Prohibited Items:
To expedite the bag check process, familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items at Disney World. This includes weapons, alcohol, drones, and certain recreational items. By being aware of these guidelines, you can ensure that your bags are free from prohibited items, preventing delays during the security check.

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Utilize “No-Bags” Lines:
If you prefer to travel light or don’t require a bag for your visit, take advantage of the designated “No-Bags” lines. These lines typically move faster as they bypass the bag check procedures altogether. Opting for the “No-Bags” line will save you time and allow for a quicker entry into the park.

Plan Accordingly for Busier Days:
During peak seasons, holidays, or weekends, Disney World experiences higher attendance, which can result in longer bag check security lines. Plan your visit accordingly by checking crowd calendars and aiming for less crowded days. You can minimize your waiting time at bag check security by choosing off-peak periods.

Follow Cast Member Instructions:
Disney World cast members are dedicated to providing a magical experience for all guests. Listen and follow their instructions during the bag check process, as they are there to ensure everyone’s safety. Cooperation and patience will contribute to a smooth and efficient entry into the park.

Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Understanding the rules and regulations regarding items that may hold you up while you’re entering Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Disney Springs is essential to remaining on schedule during your day.

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Also, although clearly stated on their website, adherence to these security measures is ultimately your responsibility. Everyone is there to have a magical time, so holding up lines can also be frustrating for others.

This is why if you’re hoping not to get caught up in the Walt Disney World bag check, the easiest way to ensure that you don’t is to simply not carry a bag.  But rest assured that if you attempt to bring anything prohibited in a Disney theme park, Disney Resort, or Disney Springs, you’re sure to cause some irritation among other guests and maybe even security.

Guest Shares a Tip to Cheat Walt Disney World Bag Search

We’ve likely all been held up once or twice for a Walt Disney World bag search, even when not carrying restricted items. Sometimes, scanning devices such as metal detectors key into things that we have in our pockets or bags, leading security to conduct further searches.

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Although this can be frustrating, it is a security measure put in place to secure your and others’ safety, and it should be respected as such. This is why when one Reddit user, u/jcsehak, posted to the Walt Disney World thread under the title, “Avoiding the Bag Search,” it caught the eye of many social media users.

Avoiding the bag search
byu/jcsehak inWaltDisneyWorld

Sharing a recent experience in which the user was stopped by Disney World security due to a glasses case, the poster provided a tested way to keep non-prohibited items from holding you up when trying to enter Walt Disney World parks and resorts.

“I may have learned how to avoid getting stuck in the security line in the morning. I got stopped every morning for my almost-empty backpack, while my gf with her loungefly sailed through. So one morning we stuffed all my stuff (including my backpack) in her loungefly. Then security stopped her. We asked them why and they said it was my glasses case (I brought my glasses for when I got tired of my contacts). The next day I just wore my glasses but she got stopped anyways, for her spare phone battery. They told us if we hold those items out in front of us when we go through in the future, we won’t be stopped.”

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The user discussed the stoppage with Disney security teams, who advised them that they could hold the items, which were triggering security alarms, out in front of them as they walked through detection devices that you’ll find at each park entrance.

The user was quick to add edits to their original posting, as the terminology used in the title was a bit misleading, causing some to worry that they were providing information on how to cheat or bypass security at Walt Disney World, ultimately creating an unsafe environment for guests.

User Edits Original Post

“TL;DR Certain things (glasses cases and phone batteries, maybe more (edit: altoid mint tins)) will make security flag you for a bag search. Hold them out in front of you when you go through the metal detectors and you should pass through fine.”

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“Edit: I thought this went without saying, but I’m only talking about how to not get flagged for bringing in items that are allowed, like glasses cases and umbrellas. As we all know, 5 minutes in security when the park opens can mean an extra 20 minutes in the line for your first ride.”

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Of course, it is never a good idea to try to swindle Disney security, or any security for that matter. Although they are frustrating, going through a Walt Disney World bag check is a necessary evil designed to promote safety and security throughout the resort.

Have you ever had any issues with Disney security or other guests attempting to bring in prohibited items? Would you rather carry in a bag and risk going through a check, or leave items at home so you can hit the parks sooner?

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