Guest Allegedly Reports BED BUGS at Disney Resort

Art of Animation
Credit: Disney

This is many Guest’s worst nightmare!

Every year, millions of Guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort to experience their dream vacation. It is truly a magical place where families can experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip with their loved ones. One of the best parts about staying at Walt Disney World Resort is getting to experience all of the incredible resort accommodations during your stay. One such accommodation is Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

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Art of Animation

Credit: Disney

Art of Animation at Walt Disney World Resort

Situated just a few minutes away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, Art of Animation Resort is the perfect location for those looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Walt Disney World. The resort features themed accommodations, including family suites and standard rooms, inspired by popular Disney movies such as Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King.

The Art of Animation Hotel is a unique and magical destination for families visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. This whimsical hotel captures the essence of Disney’s beloved animated films and transports guests into a world of imagination and creativity. Art of Animation is also one of the most cost-effective options that Guests can enjoy while on their trip. For those wanting to stay on property but not break the bank, this is a great option.

Unfortunately, not every stay is perfect, as seen with one Guest’s horrific report. 

Art of Animation

Credit: Disney

Guest Alleges Bed Bugs at Popular Disney Resort Hotel

One Guest has shocked the Disney community with her claims of what went down during her recent visit to Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel. This Guest posted on a Disney fan Facebook group that she had apparently experienced a nightmarish recent stay the Parks. On this vacation, she and her family allegedly experienced a bedbug infestation in their hotel room. The full post reads;

“So I was hesitant to post this but I just thought I’d let everyone know. This weekend my boyfriend and I stayed at Art of Animation for one night as a staycation. Everything was going well up until check out. We stayed in the cars room (we got randomly upgraded from the little mermaid room and that was awesome at the time). I pulled the sheets off the bed to help out housekeeping (I always do that) and a little bug popped out. We’ve never seen bedbugs before so we looked it up and confirmed it was one. We called the front desk and they had the exterminator confirm that it was in fact one. We had to leave all of our stuff at the hotel so they can launder and clean our stuff and they’re going to ship our items. It was a very troubling incident and was very inconvenient. It definitely ruined our last day because we were suppose to go to MK. However, Disney did take care of us because of our trouble. They reimbursed us for our room, provided us $400 for new items and clothes since we had to leave everything. Bags and shoes and all except for our crocs (since I guess they only cling on to fabric. We got taxied to target to get everything new and had to shower and change clothes. They did also give us comp park hopper tickets to any park that’s valid until 2025, it did put a damper in our trip 😥 BUT I’m really happy that they were able to hold themselves accountable and help us out. So just for everyone to know CHECK YOUR BEDS PLEASE . I usually always check but I trusted Disney too much 😭

EDIT: we did not have any bites on ourselves from inspecting so it was very weird since we slept on the bed.
2nd Edit: I am in no way complaining or blaming them, I just wanted to let the group know about our experience and how they were able to help us. Since we had to go get clothes and they had to go through all the steps with everything we weren’t able to use our tickets since we were done with everything at 4pm and that’s why they comped us (MK closed at 6)
I would stay at a Disney resort hotel again, our experience up to that point was amazing”
Art of Animation

Credit: Disney

Is Disney to Blame?

As was pointed out by numerous commenters, there is only so much Disney can do to stop what other Guests bring into their Hotel rooms. It is always a smart idea to check your bed if you can before you sleep in it, regardless of whether you’re staying at Disney or not. Disney has a high standard for their hotels and does everything in their power to prevent infestations of any kind from happening.

As a reminder, this Guest’s story has not been verified by Disney. There is no confirmation as to what really happened to this Guest during their stay.

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