Golf Ball Nearly STRIKES Guest Staying at Disney Resort Hotel

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This could have been a truly horrifying incident.

Picture this; you have just checked into your room at Walt Disney World Resort and you are feeling amazing. After months of preparation and anticipation, you have finally arrived at the most magical place on Earth for your dream vacation. You step out onto your patio to see that the sun is out and the vibes are fantastic when suddenly… WHAM! A golf ball goes whizzing right past your head, hitting the exterior of your room.

While it may sound unbelievable, this wild story was actually the reality of one Walt Disney World Resort Guest.

Disney Golf Course

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Golf Balls: The Shocking Threat of Walt Disney World

Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Walt Disney World Resort is a sprawling property that spans over 25,000 acres and is home to four theme parks, two water parks, countless resort hotels, dining establishments, entertainment venues, and more. The Resort is also home to four gold courses. These courses are Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Gold Course, Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, and Disney’s Palm Golf Course.

Over the years, golfing has become a popular Guest activity for those looking to take a break from the Parks on their Disney vacation. Having a gold course on Disney property is a huge plus for Guests looking to enjoy a conveniently located activity. However, some Guests do feel that maybe the Golf courses are a little too close for comfort.

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Guest Shares Unusual Story

One Guest decided to take to Reddit to share their extremely unusual Disney Resort experience that happened years ago. The Guest in question was staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, a Resort hotel located right next to Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

When this Guest checked into their room, they notices numerous dings on the patio’s exterior. As they were inspecting, the Guest was nearly hit with a golf ball! They explain;

“I know this is sort of random, but several years ago (atleast 10) my family and I stayed at OKW. It’s our home resort as DVC members so we know the resort pretty well. However that trip the front desk put us in a room, if I remember correctly, pretty far from the front of the resort. No big deal so one of the first things I do when I get to the room is check out the balcony. I open up the door and sit in one of the chairs for a minute or two before I realize that the side of our room is completely riddled with small dents and dings. I think to myself “wow…I’ve never seen that before” and legitimately right as I’m thinking outloud to myself a golf ball blows past my head by like maybe 4 feet? and hits the wall right behind me. I got off that balcony REAL quick. I legitimately don’t remember a bunch from that trip but that golf ball scenario stuck out in my head since and it’s all I ever think of when OKW is brought up.

Needless to say we’ll be at OKW in October, and for me it’ll be the first time since that whole situation. It’ll also be the first time with my wife and one year old. My parents booked the resort stay for us and I’m just kind of worried we might end up in a room by the golf course….is there a way to kind of get around this and ask the front desk when we’re there to see if we can get one maybe a little further away from golf ball target range?”

Golf ball incident at OKW
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Needless to say, this story is extremely out of the ordinary. This Guest should absolutely request a room away from the course; Disney is usually very accommodating to Disney Resort Hotel requests such as this one.

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