From One Annual Passholder to Another, Here’s How to Avoid the Burnout Blues

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Over in Walt Disney World, all four tiers of Annual Passes have returned, giving an entirely new generation of Guests the chance to become a Disney Annual Passholder.

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With an Annual Pass comes the privilege of visiting Walt Disney World Resort virtually whenever you want. However, that privilege comes with a price in the form of burnout which, yes, we know is a crazy thing to complain about.

So, here are some of the best ways to avoid burnout from one Annual Passholder to another!

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Preset Goals and Missions

One idea is to visit the Disney Park of your choice with a preset goal in mind (in our house, we call them ‘Missions’). This could be anything, so feel free to let your imagination run totally wild!

Craving a Mickey-shaped pretzel? Make it a goal! Want to see how many dark rides you can fit into one day? That’s another mission! Want to avoid all rides and see all the shows instead? Go into the Disney Park with that as your mission! The possibilities are truly endless.

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Trying Something Different

If you’re not one for preset goals or missions, you could go into a visit with only one goal in mind every time: to simply try something new. That way, you’ll have the same mission and a different outcome each time.

Goodness knows that there’s enough in Walt Disney World to visit over and over again and find something new to do each time!

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Taking Your Time

This is the most important tip: take your time, because now you’ve got all of the time for Disney in the world! You can go basically whenever you want. So, all of the usual pressure of a visit to Walt Disney World can just melt away, and you can always go again and again.

There’s no doubt about it, having a Disney World Annual Pass is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. But these neat tips are here to help!

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for more tips, tricks, and news.

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