Four Tips for Eating Healthy at Walt Disney World

Four Tips for Eating Healthy at Walt Disney World

I have been trying to decide what to write for this submission for a while now. I do enjoy all the wonderful dining choices at Walt Disney World. They have everything from quick service to fine dining to family friendly dining. The snacks, don’t even get me started on the snacks, this list could go on for several hours. Ask anyone and they will tell that Walt Disney World food choices are amazing. I whole heartily agree. However, I have recently embarked on a Journey of Change. I am changing so many things about my life that I don’t like and my health is at the top of my list. Since May of 2013 I have lost 55 pounds and over 30 inches. I walk and workout. I have over 200 pounds to go and will achieve this goal. I have cut back and out so many of my old faithful food choices. [We know what is healthy and good for us.]

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A friend of mine is taking me to Walt Disney World this May with her family and some friends. I am the “Disney Girl” in my group. So of course I got down to planning the whole thing. My friend is putting everyone on the Disney Dining Plan. I went to work and planned all the dining and got all of Dining confirmations finished. I was the little “Fairy God Mother of Planning” I got everything planned out. I wrote this in detail agenda for all the parties involved in the traveling. I gave everyone details about not only our table service dining but also about our Quick service options. I wrote about my favorite quick service in Magic Kingdom Pecos Bills. I shared how the burgers and topping bar there are just perfect! Burgers? Wait burgers? I don’t eat a lot of fast food anymore. I was so excited about my trip in May until I thought about my new healthier life style. What about sticking to your diet when vacationing at Walt Disney World? Does Walt Disney World even have the healthier foods I now eat? I have started to pull back on my enthusiasm about going on the upcoming trip. I am so afraid that I will ruin my diet. [I have come too far to blow it.] I have really been concerned about this. I have issues with anxiety and panic attacks and have had a few attacks over this matter. I have even told my friend that I didn’t think I could go because of this issue. I have been to Walt Disney World many times and I just don’t recall eating healthy. I suddenly didn’t feel so magical at all. I’m ashamed to say that this “Disney Girl” didn’t know if healthy was an option. But I knew I could find out.

I researched healthy options at Walt Disney World and find out a lot of options. There are many things that can be done to keep on track while at Walt Disney World vacation. I was breathing again. I realized that you can apply the same tips, advice and guidelines I use when I am dining out here. I also remembered Walt Disney World is known for making accommodations and honoring special requests.  [I heard myself say DUH!]  Here are a few things I realized I can do to make my Walt Disney World vacation a healthier one.

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1- Choose the healthier of the choices offered. We all know that fruit or side salad is better for us than French fries. We all know that fruit or veggies are better for us than chips. We know that baked and not fried is better for us.  These same guidelines apply when on Vacation at Walt Disney World. I’m happy to report there are many healthier options to choose from even atsnack charts at Walt Disney World.

TIP- If not sure ask a cast member for help.

2- Do a little planning ahead. For me this is a big help. I know I am going to want dessert or a sweet snack when I am at Walt Disney World. I am planning on eating any dessert or sweet snack before the end of the afternoon. I’m planning on sharing it with people I travel with as well. I’ll be able to walk a lot after eating it. I will be stricter for dinner. I also am bringing flavor packets with me to flavor my water.

3- Ask for half portions or lighter versions of dishes. I have started to do this and it has helped me out a lot. Walt Disney World gives huge portions of food. Be aware of this when ordering anything. It never hurts to ask for the smaller size. I have also learned to share my entrée. I’ll be traveling with friends and will be sharing.

4- A Trip to the grocery store. I am staying on property. We have two meals a day covered and one on our own. All Walt Disney World rooms now have mini fridges in them. I am going to take advantage of this and I will stock it with yogurt, fruit and veggies to have on hand for my other meal of the day. I’m also buying bottled water. I’m also going to try to take some with me into the park.

For me just doing some research and a little changing in my thinking has already made a difference for me. I am happy to report I feel magical again because I can do a Walt Disney World vacation and still stay on my Journey of Change.



About Marie Montgomery

My name is Marie Montgomery and I love Walt Disney World. Well love is a bit of an understatement. I am a Disney nut and proud. In the fall of 2004, I did the Disney College Program as a Vacation Planner at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC). I had such a wonderful time working that I wanted to continue my experience. In January of 2005 I became a Campus Representative for the Disney College Program as I finished college. This role allowed me to share the magical experience with my fellow students. Needless to say I LOVED IT! As a Campus Representative I also did several seasonal offers and was able to work in a variety of roles. I was a gate greeter at the TTC , Merchandiser in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom and Private Dining at the Contemporary resort. I loved all of these roles. During this time I also planned vacations for myself and my family and friends. Some of the people I have traveled with have special needs and I have learned how to plan for these needs as well. My friends call me the planner because I pay attention to the details while making sure everyone in the group has a magical time. I have vacationed without the Disney Dining Plan in the past but once I tried the Disney Dining Plan I have never vacationed again without it. I am always looking forward to the next Walt Disney World vacation. Let’s face it there is always another Walt Disney World vacation.