Florida Voters Are Tied up Over DeSantis vs. Disney Conflict

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It is becoming clear that the Walt Disney Company will undoubtedly play a part in the next Presidential election.

In the battleground state of Florida, voters find themselves tangled in a heated debate between two powerful entities – Walt Disney Company and Governor Ron DeSantis. The conflict stems from recent clashes over politics and land control, but the repercussions of this clash could have deeper implications for the state’s future.

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Politics vs. Parks Becomes a Center Discussion in Upcoming Election

Walt Disney World, home of some of the most popular theme Parks in the world, has a long and storied history in the Sunshine State. For decades, the theme Parks have drawn tourists from across the United States and around the world, which contributes massively to Florida’s economy and growth. Because of this, the Walt Disney co has been granted special tax statuses for their local government entity, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. 

Earlier this year, the conflict between Disney and DeSantis became a national headline when Disney decided to sue the Governor over what Disney referred to as “a targeted campaign of government retaliation.” Since then, the Florida voter has been forced to question where their allegiance lies: with the governor of their state or with the entertainment behemoth they know and love. 

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New Polling Reveals Floridians Are as Conflicted as Ever

Polling data from Florida Atlantis University Mainstreet PolCom Lab is showing some staggering data regarding the Disney vs. DeSantis debacle. The data suggest that Floridians are split on the matter, with 35% siding with Republican Gov Ron DeSantis and 33% siding with Disney and its CEO, Bob Iger. An additional 12.5% is leaning toward DeSantis’ side, and another 10% is leaning toward Disney’s.

If you look at the polling even closer, you can see that 81% of Republican voters are DeSantis supporters, and 76% of Democrat voters are Disney supporters when it comes to their conflict.

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More and more, it is becoming clear that this conflict has escalated to becoming something much deeper than what many initially thought. With the next presidential election not far away and with DeSantis being a Presidential candidate, it is clear that Disney will play a role in this cycle.

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