Disney-loving Flight attendant makes it snow for passengers en route to Orlando, Disney World

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Credit: Walt Disney Animation/@imjustaflyguy/Canva Creation

No one likes a long flight, especially when the destination is the Most Magical Place on Earth. Guests headed to Disney World via airplane have one goal: to get there as fast as possible, and at least one flight attendant is making the plane ride a little more magical, thanks to some lyrical wizardry, humor, and of course, pixie dust.

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Thank goodness for the Wright Brothers, their ingenuity, and their stick-to-it-ive-ness in getting their plane up off the ground, into the air, and back down again, paving the (run)way for the rest of us to easily choose a destination, purchase a plane ticket, and jet off toward our favorite spots, especially when those favorite spots are Disney’s theme parks.

The Wright Brothers - GreenLight Rights

The Wright Brothers/Credit: GreenLight Rights

But even a short plane ride still takes time–driving to the airport, checking baggage, going through TSA checks, waiting for the plane, boarding the plane, . . . . the list goes on. And if you’ve ever taken a flight to Orlando on your way to the Walt Disney World Resort, you know the excitement is almost too much to handle–you just want to get there!

And apparently, one Southwest Airlines flight attendant knows this all too well. That’s why when he is part of a crew flying to Orlando, he puts on his Disney best and gets the magic started before passengers ever get to Florida.


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This Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who goes by the name “imjustaflyguy” on TikTok, shares videos he makes that relate to “Flight Attendant Life.” In this video, FlyGuy attempts to take the edge off an upcoming flight by granting passengers on their way to Orlando a little bit of Disney magic even before the plane takes off.

flight attendant sings frozen on flight to orlando

Credit: TikTok/@imjustaflyguy

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Rather than making a simple and boring request for passengers to put their cell phones on airplane mode, FlyGuy makes a magical request with a little help from a melody from Disney’s 2013 blockbuster Frozen.

FlyGuy puts his own lyrics to Frozen’s “Let It Go,” while other members of the crew make it “snow” inside the aircraft’s cabin.

flight attendant sings frozen tune

Credit: TikTok/@imjustaflyguy

Here’s his request to passengers, in song form:

“Let us go! Let us go!

We have now closed the aircraft doors.

Airplane mode! Airplane mode!

This is now what the setting’s for.

Because we do care, we really must say,

As the plane moves on,

Your cell phone function must be off this day!”

FlyGuy also uses his best Mickey impression to say, “Oh, let’s go!”

FlyGuy has more than 33,000 followers, and this video has been viewed almost 500,000 times. What a way to make an exciting trip to Disney World even more magical!

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