5 Reasons We Love Fantasmic At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Fantasmic, in Hollywood Studios, is an evening show not to be missed in Walt Disney World.  The show dazzles with impressive technical components like pyrotechnics, and touches the heartstrings with classic Disney villains and heroes and a timeless storyline.  Not to mention, there are lots of deliciously fun extras!  Here are five reasons we absolutely love Fantasmic!


5. Heroes and Villains

Whether your favorite Disney character is a princess, a villain, or the timeless Mickey Mouse himself, every member of the family is sure to spot a fave in Fantasmic! In his classic role from Fantasia, Mickey Mouse dons his Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat once more, and conjures up all of the most memorable Disney characters from movies such as Cinderella, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin. You’ll step inside Mickey’s dreams as he battles a trouble-making cast of villains (including Ursula, Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen from Snow White, and a spectacular, massive, fire-breathing Maleficent), and you’ll cheer as the magical power of the imagination comes to the rescue.  Our favorite part of the show is the appearance of the boats featuring almost every Disney hero and heroine imaginable (including Mary Poppins and Burt!!).

4. Pyrotechnics and Lasers and Water (Oh, My)

In addition to delighting audiences with beloved Disney characters, Fantasmic puts on a splendid multi-media show.  Dozens of dancing fountains glow with ever-changing colors, as Mickey conducts the water as Sorcerer’s Apprentice, atop a huge mountain.  Pyrotechnics abound as the darkness comes to life with the roar of fireworks.  Mickey disappears and then reappears in a puff of smoke, and a montage of Disney scenes from many different movies are projected onto water screens.  Battle scenes featuring cannon fire ensue.  And then there’s the culmination of the show; the appearance of 40-foot tall fire-breathing Maleficent, eyes blazing, followed by a stunning laser show. Fantasmic really does have everything, from singing and dancing to animated effects, fog and dancing water.

 3. Glow-in-the-Dark Made With Magic Memorabilia

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in a Disney show yourself, or simply to take your Fantasmic experience to another level, you can even purchase a Made with Magic accessory that lights up in-sync with the show, making you and your family part of the action!  Along with the much-loved (formerly “Glow with the Show”) Mickey Ear Hat, Disney’s also come out with a Minnie Mouse Headband, a Mickey Mouse Glove and a Sorcerer Mickey Wand.  All four have been programmed to burst with dancing light at key moments of Fantasmic, matching the show’s colors and flashing to the beats of the show.  Adults and children alike will thrill at the sight of their magical accessories springing to life to the sounds of Fantasmic. Bonus: all of these Made with Magic accessories light up at numerous evening shows and events throughout Walt Disney World, so you’ll be able to use them over and over again for various fun-tastic night-time offerings.

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 2. VIP Seating

Planning to be at the park for lunch or dinner, and dining at Mama Melrose’s, Hollywood Vine, or The Hollywood Brown Derby?  Then you may as well double your fun by taking advantage of the Fantasmic Dinner Package.  This allows you to enjoy a fabulous meal, AND gives you VIP access to Fantasmic the same evening.  After all, why not enjoy the show as royalty?  Note: your seats won’t be assigned, but you’ll have your choice of seats in the reserved section on a first come, first served basis – so it’s still a good idea to arrive in plenty of time, if you want to pick prime VIP spots!

1. Superb Specialty Snacks

Even if you’ve enjoyed a delicious dinner before getting in line for Fantasmic, you’ll want to save at least a little bit of room.  Because, like all of your favorite outdoor events, Fantasmic comes complete with many tantalizing food options of its own.  Yummy snack food and beverages are available from concession stands at the back of the amphitheater, and in addition, Walt Disney World cast members wander around inside the theatre with other tempting offerings, just in case you’d rather not leave that hard-earned seat.  The menu is always changing, so who knows what delights you’ll encounter?  Some of our favorites from previous years include Mickey ice cream bars, roasted nuts, frozen lemonade, churros, Mickey pretzels, popcorn, fruit, hot dogs, cotton candy, mac and cheese bread cones, and even special holiday Mickey popcorn containers.

Fantasmic offers fun for absolutely everyone in the family.  You’ll laugh, gasp, eat, glow, wave, and be mesmerized by a spectacular extravaganza of pyrotechnics, dancing water, and beloved Disney characters.  There’s no better way to finish off a day at Hollywood Studios!

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