FIRE at the Grand Californian: Guests Evacuated in the Dead of Night

Disney Grand Californian Fire
Credit: Disney and Canva

A truly shocking series of events took place at Disneyland Resort yesterday.

When visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Guests have tons of incredible options when it comes to on-property accommodations. Disney is known for having numerous state-of-the-art Resort accommodations to suit every Guests individual preferences and budgets.

One of the most famous and historic hotels on Disneyland Resort property is the Grand Californian Hotel.


Credit: Disney

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel

If you are searching for the perfect blend of luxurious accommodations and unparalleled theme park experiences, look no further than the Grand Californian Hotel. This magnificent establishment offers the epitome of Disney magic and continues to offer Guests an unforgettable stay.

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa was built in 2001 as part of Disneyland’s Resorts’ major expansion happening at the time. The hotel is located in a prime location nearby Disney California Adventure Park, and it even has a private entrance to the Park for Guests to use. While every stay at the Grand Californian is memorable, Guests staying there this past weekend would argue it was memorable in a bad way. Disney describes the hotel, saying;

“Escape reality at a hotel that defines grandeur at every turn—from premium accommodations and Craftsman-style elegance to Disney’s impeccable service and renowned attention to detail. Hotel Guests can enjoy impressive amenities and rich dining experiences as well as utilize the convenient proximity* to Disney California Adventure Park. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy thrill-filled days at the parks!”

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Grand Californian Forbes Winner

Credit: Disney and Forbes

Tragedy at Iconic Disneyland Hotel

Early in the morning on Sunday, August 13, Guests staying at the Grand Californian Hotel were awakened by a shocking sound. According to Guests staying at the hotel, fire alarms began blaring throughout the hotel before 5 a.m. Guests who were woken up by the alarm quickly evacuated the building. A notification was also distributed to Guests staying in the Hotel.

Once the Disneyland Fire Department confirmed that the emergency was over, Guests were allowed to reenter the building. One Guest claims that they slept through the alarm and never woke up at all.

Grand Californian Hotel fire alarm
by u/Slow_man_shuffle in Disneyland

It has been hard to determine what exactly caused the evacuation, but most Guests think it was likely a kitchen fire. Another possible explanation could be that someone, possibly a child, pulled the fire alarm as a prank. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and service has been able to continue as normal.

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