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Sanaa Dining Room
Credit: Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge whisks Guests away from the hustle and bustle of the Disney Parks and immerses them in the beautiful and vibrant culture of Africa. It’s one of the most stunning locations at the Walt Disney World Resort and is also home to a restaurant that combines a completely unique view with an adventurous and wonderful menu.

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Dining Room

Credit: Disney

Sanaa is a vibrant and welcoming restaurant inspired by an East-African spice market that features bright pops of colors and patterns on tabletops, comfortable booth seating, and painted wooden beams as well as traditional African artwork and wares hanging on the walls. Hanging from above are brightly colored lanterns and intricately curved pieces that are designed to feel like the branches of acacia trees.

Dining Room

Credit: Disney

Part of what makes Sanaa feel so immersive to Guests is the stunning attention to detail and the immense level of craftsmanship that can be found throughout the space. Guests who take the time to truly look around and soak in the details can spot beautiful carvings on each chair, intricately woven light fixtures, small areas of thatched roofing, and even some subtle Hidden Mickeys.

Savannah View

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While the vibrant colors and artwork are beautiful at Sanaa, it’s the views that make any meal there spectacular. Rounded windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling offer sweeping views of the savannah outside where Guests can spot a variety of animals serenely roaming and eating. This wonderful view is made even more unforgettable as the sun sets each evening, casting a beautiful glow on the animals and the restaurant itself.

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Dining Room

Credit: Disney

Sanaa is a unique restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort in that it operates as a quick service location for breakfast and a table service location for lunch and dinner each day. Regardless of the meal period, the menu at Sanaa focuses on traditional African cuisine infused with flavors from Indian cuisine.

Shahi Tukra French Toast

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The day begins at Sanaa with the Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast which grab and go options including fresh fruit, pastries, and parfaits in addition to fresh coffee and soft drink selections. The entrée options feature bold flavors mixed with American classics and Guests can choose from options such as Shahi Turka French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Boere Breakfast, Methi Paratha Sandwich, and Enriching Grains and Fruit.

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Table and Glasses

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Lunch and dinner at Sanaa switch over to table service meals where Guests can enjoy an array of flavorful options that perfectly blend African and Indian cooking, and the best beginning to any meal is a delicious beverage. Guests can enjoy soft drinks and mocktails including the Watermelon Lemonade, Mango Lassi Smoothie, and Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee Press Pot Coffee as well as specialty cocktails such as the Painted Lemur, Malawi Mango Margarita, Kande Coconut Cooler, and African Starr Mojito.

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Indian-style Bread Service

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There are several appetizer options to begin any meal at Sanaa, but the most popular by far is the Indian-style Bread Service which offers Guests the choice of traditional naan, garlic-ginger naan, spiced naan, onion kulcha, or paneer paratha. The bread is then paired with nine flavorful dips and spreads to sample and Guests can enjoy cucumber raita, roasted red pepper hummus, mango chutney, tomato-date jam, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, garlic pickle, red chile sambal, and spicy jalapeno-lime pickle.

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Other appetizer options that Guests can enjoy at Sanaa include a Seasonal Soup, Lamb Kefta paired with Tunisian couscous salad and ginger-pear chutney, and plant-based Samosas filled with potatoes and peas. There is also a flavorful Salad Sampler which serves up berbere black-eyed peas, watermelon and pickled fennel, and a Tunisian beet chermoula.

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Zanzibari Vegetable Curry

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Entree options at Sanaa truly showcase the bending of African and Indian flavors, and Guests can dig into the Zanzibari Vegetable Curry with seasonal vegetables and fragrant rice with the option to add chicken or shrimp. An addition seafood option is the Samaki Wa Kupaka which marinates a sustainable fish with turmeric and serves it with roasted cauliflower, yucca katlesi, and coconut gravy.

Tandoori Chicken

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There are several menu options that are only available for lunch or dinner, and Guests who find themselves dining at Sanaa for lunch can enjoy the Sanaa Burger which tops a patty with spiced mustard and peppadew-goat cheese with a side of Sanaa chips and pickle spear. The Tandoori Chicken is also only available for lunch and features traditional naan, rocket, pickled onions, tomato, and a creamy sambal mayonnaise.

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Grilled New York Strip

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Exclusive dinner options focus on hearty meat dishes beginning with the Pork Shank which serves braised pork with chermoula-spiced black-eyed peas and pickled mustard for a flavorful and filling meal. Also available is the Grilled New York Strip which is accompanied by mukimo, harvest vegetables, herbed emulsion, and fig sauce.

Potjie Inspired

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Guests who are looking to enjoy the ultimate indulgent meal for lunch and dinner at Sanaa should opt for the Potjie Inspired which offers Guests several selections to custom create their own feast. Guests can choose between goan seafood curry, butter chicken, braised beef, or pork vindaloo as their protein option served with scented basmati rice. Plant-based choices include rajma masala, chickpea wat, sukuma wiki, or lentil daal making Sanaa a fantastic option for those who have a dietary restriction.

African Triple Chocolate Mousse

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Lunch and dinner at Sanaa are absolutely filling and satisfying meals, but Guests should make an effort to save room for a trio of dessert options that are all delicious The African Triple Chocolate Mousse is super rich with several varieties of chocolate, the Serradura combines butterscotch pudding with almond coffee streusel, pineapple, mango, and Breton shortbread, and the plant-based Kheer perfectly fuses plates coconut-rice pudding with cashew streusel and saffron-poached fruit.

Dining Room

Credit: Disney

While Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a bit of a trek from other locations at the Walt Disney World Resort, the journey is definitely worth it thanks to Sanaa. Perfectly combining an immersive atmosphere with beautiful savannah views and unique menu, Sanaa is an amazing location to enjoy a special meal any day at the Walt Disney World Resort!

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