Fantasmic! Gets a Standing Ovation Ahead of Opening Night

Credit: Disney

Fantasmic is back! I’m going to say that again because it just feels so good to say it: Fantasmic is back!!!! The beloved Disney show has been on hiatus for two and a half very long years and tonight is THE NIGHT! The show will welcome guests for performances for the very first time tonight. 

Mickey Mouse at Fantasmic

Credit: Disney

When the show returns, it won’t be exactly the same, a few scenes are gone, but a few scenes have also been added. The show will still follow Mickey Mouse into dreamland, which begins with him in a tuxedo discovering the water and light effects we’ve all come to love. He still battles his nightmares and celebrates with friends, so the spirit of the show remains the same.

Moana Fantasmic

Credit: Disney

Notably, the Pocahontas scene has been removed, and a few new characters join the fun. The show’s current iteration will include new sequences featuring Moana, Frozen characters, Mulan and Aladdin! 

Mulan Fantasmic

Credit: DIsney

Though the show returns to regularly scheduled public shows tonight, it won’t be its first performance. Cast Members and their families have been invited to several rehearsal shows. Its’s first cast performance led to an emotional moment for the audience as they celebrated the show’s return and garnered the performers a standing ovation at the end. Twitter user Adam Waybright was in the audience and shared the crowd’s reaction. The video can be seen here: 

The energy in the audience is palpable, and many misty eyes can be seen among those present. We can’t blame them one bit. We are getting a bit misty-eyed just thinking about the triumphant return of the long-awaited show! Tonight is sure to be an emotional experience for performers and audiences alike. If you’re headed to Hollywood Studios, you can catch the show at 9:00 pm tonight! 

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