Fans Turned Away From Disney’s Most Popular Attractions as Holiday Crowds Continue to Overwhelm the Parks

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Things are not looking too merry and bright at Walt Disney World Resort this December day.

At Walt Disney World Resort, the holiday season is known for its enchanting atmosphere and magical experiences. However, the immense popularity of this time of year brings about its fair share of challenges, particularly with the overwhelming crowds. While fans did expect a large crowd level between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, what they didn’t see coming was the possibility of being turned away from five of Walt Disney World Resort’s most popular attractions. 

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Five Major Attractions Out of Commission

This morning, Walt Disney World Resort got off to quite a rocky start. Yesterday, December 29, was the park’s busiest day since pre-pandemic days. Today, December 30, looks to be as busy or more. This morning was met with extreme disappointment at the parks as they realized that some very significant rides were closed for mechanical repairs. These closures meant that fans were not able to ride the attractions they wanted to, even after waiting in line for them.

Fans of the thrilling Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park are met with disappointment as they discover that this exhilarating roller coaster has been temporarily closed. The same goes for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, an immersive and whimsical attraction that brings the beloved characters from Ratatouille to life at EPCOT. Pirates of the Caribbean, a classic Magic Kingdom Park ride that takes guests on a swashbuckling journey through the world of pirates, was also unavailable during this period.

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But it didn’t stop there: other attractions have also faced temporary closures amidst the relentless holiday crowds at the Walt Disney World Resort. The much-anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, which promises an exhilarating adventure through space, is among those temporarily unavailable. Similarly, Rise of the Resistance, a groundbreaking attraction that immerses guests into the world of Star Wars, is also temporarily closed during this busy season.

Disney Saves the Day

Just as it seemed that all hope was lost, Disney worked to rectify this situation and restore these attractions to full operation as quickly as possible. Ensuring the safety and enjoyment of guests is of paramount importance to the Disney team, and they ensured that the rides were repaired as quickly as possible. By the late afternoon, all rides were once again up and running.

Disney understands the disappointment that arises when beloved rides are closed, especially during the holiday season when guests have high expectations. The dedicated team at each Disney Park is doing everything in its power to minimize disruptions and provide the best time that Disney Resort guests have come to expect from the happiest place on Earth.

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If you find yourself visiting Walt Disney World Resort during this festive time of year, it’s advisable to plan your itinerary accordingly and keep an eye on the updates regarding attraction availability. While it may be disappointing to discover that certain rides are temporarily closed, the resort offers a plethora of other magical experiences to compensate for the temporary inconvenience. As always, checking the Disney World Crowd Calendar is the best way to avoid large crowds for your next theme park vacation.

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