Fans Endure Eight Hour Line for Character Meet and Greet; Theme Park Attraction “At Capacity”

The Grinch Universal
Credit: Universal

This is how the Grinch really stole Christmas!

Fans flock to Universal Orlando Resort during the Christmas season, eagerly anticipating the joyous festivities that await them. This enchanting time of year offers an unparalleled experience that resonates deeply with visitors of all ages. Among the myriad of delightful theme park attractions and encounters, one particular highlight reigns supreme in the hearts of fans—the opportunity to meet the one and only Grinch.

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Grinch at Universal

Credit: Universal

Grinch Meet and Greet Delights Fans

The Grinch, an iconic character from Dr. Seuss’ beloved tale, is a central figure in Universal Orlando Resort’s Christmas celebration. As fans step into the whimsical world of Seuss Landing, they are transported to a place where the magic of Christmas is brought to life with unparalleled vividness and authenticity. Here, amidst vibrant colors and fantastical decorations for Universal Studios Christmas, awaits the mischievous yet endearing Grinch, ready to share in the festivities.

Meeting the Grinch is a truly remarkable experience that encapsulates the spirit of Universal Orlando Resort’s holiday festivities. As fans approach the Grinch, they are met with his trademark cynical charm and mischievous smile, instantly immersing them in the whimsy of the season. The Grinch’s playful banter and sly remarks create an atmosphere filled with laughter and genuine joy as fans engage in delightful conversations with this iconic character. Accompanying him is none other than his loyal and lovable sidekick, Max the Dog.

Grinch at Universal Grinchmas

Credit: Universal

It’s no wonder why fans love meeting the Grinch; numerous videos have gone viral showing just how funny and accurate the Grinch is to the iconic film. This unique characterization of the Grinch not only embraces the mischievous nature of the character but also reminds fans of the transformative power of kindness and the true spirit of Christmas.

The Grinch Steals Guest’s Park Hours

However, one thing has become certain: the line for meeting the Grinch has gotten out of control. Since the meet and greet began, fans have been enduring hour long lines for their brief encounter experience. Now, as Christmas Day approaches, the line has reached approximately eight hours long. This dramatic increase has prompted Universal Orlando Resort employees to mark the attraction as “At Capacity.”

If you are still hoping to meet the Grinch this year, it is recommended that you get in line as soon as possible. It is likely that today, December 23, will be his most popular day yet!

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