Fans Call for MAJOR Update on This Disney Resort Hotel

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The reason that Disney has been able to stay relevant for so long is that it can evolve with the times and stay in touch with the interests of its demographic. For the past 100 years, fans have seen the Walt Disney Company create movies, TV shows, and Theme Park attractions that fit the trends and interests of the current world.

However, there is also a point to be made about preserving certain parts of Disney’s history in the Disney Theme Parks. Many fans feel emotionally attached to certain rides, attractions, and Resort hotels because they remind them of their own childhood.

However, in the case of one All-Star Resort Hotel, fans are demanding a remodel to remove the old theme.

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Fans Call for Update of All-Star Movies Hotel

One thing that Disney preserved over the years is the theming of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Hotel. Now some fans are calling the hotel “outdated” and are calling for a renovation and refurbishment.

Disney World is a place that conjures up images of sparkling castles, colorful parades, and thrilling rides. But for those who stay on-site at Walt Disney World Resort, the quality of their resort can make or break the vacation experience. For many fans, the All Star Movies hotel is badly missing the mark.

All-Star Movies hotel is one of three Disney value resorts that stand side by side on the outskirts of Disney World. The other two are All-Star Music and All-Star Sports. As the name suggests, All-Star Movies has a film-inspired theme, with oversized figures of movie stars adorning the resort.

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Although the Walt Disney World value resort has its charm, many fans are saying that it is becoming quite dated. The resort was built in 1999, and despite some minor refurbishments over the years, it has not received a full-scale renovation since then.

The rooms at the All Star Movies resort, while spacious and clean, are quite basic and do not offer much in the way of modern amenities. The room decor definitely shows its age, and the wallpaper and carpeting could use an update. The bathrooms could also use a refresh, as the shower curtains and tiles are not exactly Instagram-worthy.

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Movies at All-Star Movies Need Updating

Perhaps the biggest criticism of All-Star Movies is that some of the building themes seem incredibly outdated. The films included are Fantasia, 101 Dalmations, Toy Story, Mighty Ducks, and Herbie the LoveBug. One Disney fan made a plea to Disney on Reddit, saying that while Toy Story and 101 Dalmations can stay, the others need to go. The post says;

“Let me explain, I’m not talking about the rooms because I know they’ve been recently renovated and refurbished to the new setup and design.

I’m more so referring to the theming. I’ve stayed at Movies twice over the last two years and I just wonder if the building/section themes need updates. You have Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Mighty Ducks, and Herbie the LoveBug. With all the newer, popular movies that have come from Disney over the recent years, could any of those sections be updated to a new movie/theme? I always felt like Mighty Ducks should be at Sports and always forget it’s at Movies entirely. It just feels out of place. Herbie and Mighty Ducks just don’t really scream popular Disney movies to me and Herbie is obviously an old film that I’m sure most kids don’t know much about. When the resort opened they fit, but in 2023, I’m not so sure. Obviously, Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians could be left alone and maybe Fantasia, but Herbie and Mighty Ducks just feel like they need an update. Thoughts?”

Does All-Star Movies Need a Major Update?
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All Stars Still Stay Competitive

Despite these criticisms, fans still love the All-Star Movies resort for its affordability and location. While a renovation of the All-Star Movies resort may not be at the top of Disney’s priority list, it is clear that fans would appreciate an update. With Disney’s recent renovation of Disney’s Pop Century resort, it is clear that Guests are willing to pay a little extra for a more modern hotel experience.

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