FAIL! Disney Holiday Treat Looks Laughable When Compared to Its Promotional Image

Disney cookie fail
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Failure, disappointment, and a lack of quality – these are some of the sentiments that Disney fans have been expressing as they compare the actual appearance of Disney holiday treats to the enticing images that are used for promotion.

Any company as large and as influential as the Walt Disney Company has to expect and embrace criticism from fans. Even Disney’s biggest supporters can find things to say about the theme parks, movies, merchandise, and resorts that are less than positive. Oftentimes, Disney looks to fans to give constructive criticism on certain aspects so that they can improve their offerings in the future.

However, every once in a while, Disney releases a product that truly can only be categorized as a failure. This holiday season, we are seeing that in the form of a holiday baked good.

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Disney’s Not-so-Magical Holiday Cookie

The holidays have arrived at the Disney theme parks, and so have all of the delicious holiday desserts. At Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and all other parks worldwide, the magic of the holiday season is alive and well. One such holiday treat that has caught the attention of visitors at Disneyland Paris Resort is Mickey’s Snowflake Bake, a cookie that seems to fall short of its marketing representation.

The promotional image of Mickey’s Snowflake Blake shows a pristine crimson frosted sponge finger. The treat is decorated with impeccable white snowflake designs. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the actual cookie is far from the perfectly symmetrical, Instagram-worthy creation displayed in the promotional images. This stark contrast has left many visitors feeling disillusioned and questioning the attention to detail that Disney is renowned for.

The disparity between expectation and reality is, unfortunately, not a new phenomenon observed within the Disney theme park community. Previously, fans have raised concerns regarding the decline in the quality of Disney’s offerings. From merchandise to food, it appears that Disney’s commitment to excellence may be slipping for some fans. For this treat to cost €4.50, it is reasonable for fans to expect something of a better quality.

Has Disney’s Quality Declined?

While it’s important to remember that promotional images are often enhanced and polished to create a captivating impression, there is a need for transparency and alignment between what is advertised and what is delivered. Authenticity is a key factor in maintaining trust and satisfaction among Disney park enthusiasts.

Hopefully, Disney will take notice of the dissatisfaction of fans and make an effort to improve the quality of their treats going forward. It is understandable to have a slip in quality almost once, but the far gap between this expectation and the reality of this cookie is honestly unacceptable. With the high prices of Disney, guests expect the same kind of excellence that can be seen everywhere else at the theme parks and resorts.

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What do you think about this holiday dessert fail?

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