Incident on Skyliner: Disney Denies Guests Refunds Despite Sustaining Burns

Emergency Skyliner
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When it comes to theme park experiences, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is unrivaled. With its numerous attractions and immersive environments, Disney World offers a spellbinding adventure for visitors of all ages. One of the perks you receive while staying on Disney property is the numerous complimentary transportation options that will help guide you around the Parks.

One of these options is the Disney Skyliner. The Disney Skyliner is a state-of-the-art gondola system that transports guests between various areas within the Walt Disney World Resort. This innovative transportation system offers stunning views and unparalleled convenience, making it a must-try for Disney fans.

However, things are not always relaxing on this attraction.

Disney Skyliner

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Breakdown Causes Mass Chaos on Disney’s Skyliner

Ride breakdowns happen all of the time; they are an inevitable part of every theme park experience. While most ride breakdowns mean waiting some extra time in line or pausing mid-ride, a breakdown of the Disney Skyliner can be a much more serious situation.

Of all the places to get stuck, dangling in the hot Florida air in an unairconditioned plastic box is not the ideal place to be. Numerous Guests who have experienced breakdowns on the Skyliner explain that it is a brutal experience. However, for one Guest on a recent trip, their experience quickly went from bad to worse.

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Disney Skyliner

Credit: Disney

Guest is Burned After Skyliner Incident

One Guest has taken to Facebook to share his horrific story about being stuck on the Skyliner for over an hour earlier this week. This group was on the gondola when the ride stopped for over an hour, leaving them stranded in the Florida heat. The Guests were instructed to open ice packs to help keep them cool, and upon doing so, an ice pack blew up and burnt” the Guest’s hand.

After they were finally off the ride, the group went to Guest services, where they were given nothing more than one extra lightning lane reservation. The post reads;

“Anyone else get stuck on the sky liner yesterday night? We got stuck for over an hour. They told us to break open these cases with water and cold packs. The cold pack blew up and burnt my hand. The people we were stuck with was a family and they were fighting and yelling even before we got stuck. It was a nightmare! Missed a whole hour in the park and our dinner reservations. Even at night it was so hot stuck inside
UPDATE! Went to guest services. They only offered us a lighting lane for one ride in one park. When we told her the lady was laughing and said “I don’t mean to laugh but that’s a crazy funny situation” and she keep cutting me off just saying “what ride do you want.” Oh well. Pretty bugged but nothing to do I guess.”
Skyliner explosion

Credit: Reggie Bishop on Facebook

This story is truly shocking, and hopefully, these Guests end up being properly compensated.

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