Eight Major Attractions to Close This Month at Disney

Disneyland Resort closures
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2024 has just begun, and it is already clear that the New Year will bring a hefty number of closures at Disneyland Resort.

To ensure the continued safety, effectiveness, and visual appeal of Disney’s world-class offerings, it becomes imperative for resort attractions to undertake periodic renovations and restorations. In staying true to this commitment, the park has announced that several major attractions will be temporarily closed for refurbishment starting this January.

These closures will have a significant effect on the thousands of guests who will visit Disneyland Resort in the next month. If you are taking a January visit to these theme parks, you will want to know what to expect when you arrive.

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Disneyland Chemical Spill

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January Looks to Be a Month of Many Closures

As the new year begins, eight prominent attractions will undergo a revitalization process. This proactive approach by Disney demonstrates their unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of guest satisfaction. By periodically refreshing and updating the rides, the park ensures that visitors can continue to enjoy these timeless attractions in the years to come.

Starting off the year, on January 7, the final performance of Tale of the Lion King will take place. This beloved show will be greatly missed by its large group of supporters. Also, on January 7, the Blue Bayou Restaurant will close for a refurbishment. However, this delicious restaurant will not be gone for long; Blye Bayou Restaurant is scheduled to reopen on January 20.

On January 8, it’s a small world attraction will close down as it is refurbished and the holiday decorations are removed from the attraction. This iconic ride will reopen in Disneyland Park on January 19. Grizzly Riven Run will also close on January 8 for an indefinite amount of time as it undergoes renovations. The restaurant Paradise Garden Grill is also closing on January 8, with an expected reopening on January 22. Finally, January 8 marks the closure of World of Color- ONE, which is set to reopen on January 19.

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World of Color

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Dates and More

Later in the month, two more offerings will close at Disneyland Resort. First up, the Haunted Mansion attraction is set to close on January 22. This refurbishment has not been given a reopening date as of now. The Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind ride is Disney California Adventure Park is also closing on January 22 and is set to reopen on February 9.

The decision to temporarily close these attractions comes as part of Disney’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional experiences for its guests. The regular ride renovations at Disney are a testament to the park’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its determination to constantly raise the bar in delivering unparalleled entertainment. These theme park attraction closures also give Disney an opportunity to implement the latest technological advancements and design innovations, elevating the overall ride experience to new heights of excitement and immersion.

As enthusiasts eagerly await the reopening of these iconic Disney Park rides, they can rest assured that the closures are necessary to ensure these attractions’ long-term sustainability and quality.

As always, it is essential to note that these Disney Resort closures and reopening dates may fluctuate over time.

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