Dwayne Johnson Fan Says Undergoing Leg-Lengthening Procedure & Plastic Surgery to Look Like the Hollywood Star Just Wasn’t Worth It

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A fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who wanted to look like the WWE star and Hollywood actor, says muscle implants and surgery to lengthen his legs just wasn’t worth it.

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Contributing writer to Business Insider, Mark Jason Williams, is a life-long fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and more specifically of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave Bautista, who also played Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films.

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But Williams’ fandom didn’t stop at watching Johnson and Bautista in the ring years ago–and perhaps in their recent film projects. In fact, Williams might be described by some as a super fan, while others might even describe him as obsessed.

“I often dreamed of looking like The Rock and Dave Bautista,” Williams said in an essay at Business Insider.

DNA and Genetics Work Against Williams’ Dream

Williams describes himself as a man of a shorter stature. He grew up in an Irish Italian family and says the men in his family have an average height of five feet, eight inches, so Williams says he never expected to be tall. He recalls feeling uncomfortable as a child when his friends “towered” over him. At age 10, Williams was still shorter than most second graders, and that’s when he and his parents “started freaking out.”

As an adult, Williams stands five feet, four inches tall. So how could the WWE fan ever expect to look in any way similar to such tall men in the WWE?

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At six feet, five inches tall, Dwayne Johnson’s height alone can reportedly be quite intimidating, especially to those who are shorter in stature, though The Rock has been accused of lying about his height and using shoe lifts to achieve that towering stature. Dave Bautista stands just an inch shorter than The Rock at six feet, four inches tall.

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Desperate and Distraught to Change Things

Williams says no matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t achieve any of his goals of changing his looks.

“Despite hitting the gym, I couldn’t achieve the kind of body I desired,” Williams wrote. “Distraught, I turned to leg-lengthening surgery and muscle implants. But I wondered whether these cosmetic procedures were truly the answer . . . “

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Williams battled leukemia earlier in his life and worried that those challenges might have stunted his growth in some way, so he visited an endocrinologist to see what might be done for him.

But the doctor simply told Williams, “You’ll always be shorter than average,” a revelation that Williams says “crushed” him. So, he turned to plastic surgery and began exploring the prospect of a leg-lengthening intervention to help him achieve some of the height he wished he had naturally.

Locations | Mount Sinai - New York

Mount Sinai Hospital, New York/Credit: Mount Sinai

But such an intervention involves a series of several surgeries, as well as an extended recovery period, and the potential for several side effects and complications, according to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. But in the end, some patients can gain up to six inches in height.

The cost of the surgery, which would not be covered by medical insurance, was quite a shock for Williams as well. But despite the costs associated with the procedure and the somewhat scary possible complications, Williams felt that “a big boost to [his] self-confidence” was worth the risks, so he started working multiple jobs and saving money. But after two years, he still didn’t have enough.

“It’s for the best,” Williams’ friend said to him. “Your body already went through hell with leukemia. Why tempt fate?”

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But at the time, Williams said he wanted a “better body,” so he continued looking into options, including pectoral implants, which involved a two-hour procedure, fewer risks, and a smaller price tag of around $8,000.

“I wanted to go for it but then went down the rabbit hole of other things I hated about my body,” Williams admits. “A tummy tuck, bicep implants, and covering the cancer scar on my chest all sounded good. Suddenly, I felt worse about myself than I ever had.”

A New WWE Star Brings a New Perspective

Williams says that as he debated about what to do to attempt to change his body and look more like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave Bautista, something happened that unexpectedly gave him a new perspective.

“As I debated plastic surgery, a wrestler named Rey Mysterio hit the scene,” Williams explains. “A 5-foot-6 masked luchador, Mysterio used his agility to overcome much bigger opponents. I knew it was all scripted, but I was grateful to see someone my size become the WWE world champion and one of its biggest stars.”

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Wrestler Rey Mysterio/Credit: WWE

Around the same time, Williams met someone who really inspired and comforted him. As they began dating, Williams says he noticed that his newfound love exuded far more confidence than Williams had. Williams’ new significant other never wanted Williams to look like someone else, which he says helped him to finally decide against plastic surgery and to finally focus instead on loving himself just the way he is.

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Photo courtesy of Mark Jason Williams

Today, Mark Jason Williams is happily married and has a better image of himself and his body. He understands that, just like the endocrinologist told him, he’ll always be shorter than average. But Williams is finally okay with that, and because he’s found that peace, he “no longer feels small.”

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