Dumbo Gets a Loungefly Collection for 80th Anniversary!

Credit: (Left) Disney / (Right) Loungefly

Dumbo celebrated his 80th anniversary this year and to commemorate the iconic movie, Loungefly has decided to create a collection just for our favorite flying elephant.

Loungefly has been creating bag collections for Disney for quite some time now. The adorable bags can be spotted being worn by guests around Disney properties and can be found for purchase in and out of Disney.

Disney Loungefly

Credit: Disney

The newest collection coming from Loungefly is all about Dumbo, the famous flying elephant To honor Dumbo’s 80th anniversary, the collection comes with 5 items. One of the items though is not a bag, but a collector’s pin. The bags included in the collection are two mini backpacks, a cross-body bag, and a zip-around wallet. Each bag has a unique Dumbo design associated with it, and they range from simple to elaborate designs.

Credit: Disney

Loungefly describes the Dumbo 80th anniversary collection on their website as:

Celebrate 80 years of the classic animated film with style that soars.

The first mini backpack depicts Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse flying high over a train, traveling across tracks and the water below them. A cute design that ties in Dumbo’s greatest feature, his giant and adorable ears.

Dumbo Mini Backpack

Credit: Loungefly

The second mini backpack is purely Dumbo, as the backpack consists of his smiling face while holding a feather with his trunk. Dumbo’s ears sit off of each side of the backpack to depict their great flying size.

Credit: Loungefly

The cross-body bag features Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse within a train cart. The bag includes a light and bright blue color and gold classical accents around the train cart.

Credit: Loungefly

The last bag in the Dumbo’s 80th anniversary collection is the zip-around wallet. The wallet depicts Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse in front of a striped blue background.

Credit: Loungefly

To close out Dumbo’s 80th anniversary collection, Loungefly produced a collector’s edition pin. The pin depicts Dumbo in the train cart again, just like the cross-body bag. The pin is packaged to look like it is traveling down a train track with grassy hillsides and blue skies in the background.

Credit: Screenshot via Loungefly’s website

Loungefly created an adorable collection to celebrate Dumbo’s 80th anniversary. Dumbo is certainly proud of his new merchandise and fans are already loving the new collection. It will not be long before these bags are spotted being worn by Guests in the parks.

To purchase an item from this collection or other Loungefly collections, you can go to Loungefly’s website or visit any of the in-park and out-of-park Loungefly retailers, including stores like BoxLunch and Hot Topic.

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