Don’t Miss Out on These Snacks at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Snacks
Credit: Jen Retzlaff and Canva

It wouldn’t be a magical day in Magic Kingdom without some delicious treats. We have some top snacks you will miss when visiting Magic Kingdom during your Walt Disney World vacation. Get your paper and pencil ready. You will want to write these down so you don’t miss out on them.

Cheeseburger spring roll

Credit: Honestly Mummy

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls- Adventureland

We are jumping right in with our favorite savory treat at Magic Kingdom. The cheeseburger spring rolls are in the Spring Roll Cart as you head into Adventureland.

Although the traditional cheeseburger spring roll continues to be a favorite, we have also enjoyed the other spring roll options. From the pepperoni spring roll to the Philly cheesesteaks, these savory treats are not to be missed.

Be aware that they are popular, and it might be the longest wait of your day, but it will be well worth it.

Mickey Bar


Mickey Shaped Treats

We are cheating slightly on this one, but we love having a Mickey-shaped treat while hanging out on the hub grass in front of Cinderella Castle.

Take time during your vacation to grab a famous Mickey Bar, Mickey Pretzel, or even a Mickey-shaped caramel apple.

There is something truly magical about these iconic treats. Even though you can find them everywhere, they are still some of our top not-to-miss snacks during our visit.

dole whip

Credit: PEOPLE

Dole Whip- Aloha Isle Refreshments- Adventureland

Another favorite treat when in Magic Kingdom is the iconic Dole Whip. Try out the original Dole Whip or pick another flavor often available, such as coconut, raspberry, or lime.

On a hot day in Magic Kingdom, there is nothing more refreshing than a delicious Dole Whip.

Fresh fruit waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow

Credit: Disney

Fruit and Nutella Waffle- Sleepy Hollow- Liberty Square

For another delicious snack while in Magic Kingdom, head to Sleepy Hollow. The fruit and Nutella waffle is a refreshing treat full of bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and Nutella, all served on a delicious waffle.

One of our favorite spots in Magic Kingdom is the seating area next to Sleepy Hollow. This location provides outstanding views of Cinderella Castle.

Cheshire Cat Tail Pastry

Credit: Disney

Cheshire Cat Tail- Cheshire Cafe: Fantasyland

The Cheshire Cat Tail is another sweet treat we enjoy at Magic Kingdom throughout the day. This pastry is not only pretty, but it is delicious as well. The flakey pastry is filled with chocolate and topped with lots of icing, which we love.

It can be easy to skip this snack because of the location of the Cheshire Cafe, but put it on your must-have list. You won’t be sorry.

There are a lot of delicious snacks throughout Magic Kingdom, but these are our favorites. Make sure you take time during your visit to enjoy one or two!

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