Disney’s Social Media Team Makes Horrifying Romantic Pairing

Han solo and Leia
Credit: Disney

Someone on Disney’s social media team just made a big mistake.

If there’s one thing that Disney fans adore, it’s a good romantic love story. For the last century, the company has brought some iconic Disney couples to the silver screen. There have been hundreds of happily ever afters made by Disney, and each one is magnificent and special in its one way. This is probably why a member of the Disney Plus social media team made a post honoring some of the most iconic couples from movies available to watch on the Disney+ streaming service. Unfortunately, one of the couples included was an incredibly gross and embarrassing pairing.

Enchanted movie

Credit: Disney

Fans Hope That Disney+ Tweet Was a Mistake

The Disney social media team is usually incredibly on top of things. They are responsible for communicating some very important messages to the public. It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company expects greatness from all of its employees, so when one of them makes a mistake, fans are quick to call them out.

Disney+ has its own account on Twitter where it posts about the content available on the streaming platform. Yesterday, on March 23, 2023, one member of the team made a post honoring their favorite Disney couple. The tweet reads, “Couples we will forever ship… again and again. Who’s your pick? All of these and more are now streaming on #DisneyPlus.”

Credit: Marvel

The term “ship” or “shipping” is used to describe a romantic pair that you love and support wholeheartedly. Four Disney couples were chosen for this post. The first was Kat and Patrick from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Second was Wanda and Vision from the hit Disney+ series, WandaVision. Giselle and Robert from the Disney film Enchanted were also included.

Siblings or Dating?

However, the fourth couple mentioned missed the mark. The post named Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back as one of their most “shippable” couples. If you somehow missed it, Leia and Han Solo are siblings!

Fans were quick to call out the mistake, and the post was removed. The siblings should definitely be ranked as the best Disney couple. Still, you have to imagine that a very awkward conversation must have happened on the Disney social media team.

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