Disney’s Plan to Track You Is Scrapped, Team Behind the Project Fired

Disney prime

Late last summer the phrase “Disney Prime” was all the rage as then CEO Bob Chapek unveiled his latest idea: a subscription based service similar to Amazon Prime where subscribers could shop, stream and even experience certain exclusive theme park content. Chapek promised this service would improve guest experience and lead to greater satisfaction, but many just felt it would lead to Disney knowing entirely too much.

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Disney Prime

Details have been sparse but what we do know is that the subscription service would have tracked customer data across multiple Disney platforms, including streaming services like Disney+, online retailers, and MyDisneyExperience where guests in the parks buy food, merchandise and schedule their days. This in turn would have allowed Disney to tailor advertisements, products and services directly related to the guests interests (which would result in more spending from the guest). It was also reported that the service would have offered perks like discounts on experiences, products and shipping.

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As with everything Disney does, fans were entirely divided on the idea. Some couldn’t wait to subscribe saying that it would be well worth the money. Others said this was another erosion of the magic they’ve come to know and love and resented what seemed like a cash grab. Others were critical of what felt like an invasion of privacy and did not love the idea of being tracked by a corporation.

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Whether this service would have been handy or simply a cash grab, now it looks like we will never know what this service could’ve been. As part of the massive restructuring (and the impending layoff of thousands of people from Disney), this idea has been scrapped and the team behind it has been let go.

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This comes just after the news that Disney’s Metaverse project is also being scrapped. Mike White was in charge of both of these projects and while his entire team has been laid off, so far it seems as though he is retaining his job. It has not yet been announced what White’s new role within the company will be as both of his major projects have now been canceled.



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