Disney’s Newest Attraction Already Suffering From Major Technical Malfunctions

Journey of Water
Credit: Disney

Every year, Disney keeps its theme park Guests entertained by introducing new attractions and experiences into the Disney Resorts. Whether it’s a new ride, meet and greet, show, or themed area, Disney is always keeping things fresh and updated at Disney.

One of the reasons that fans love seeing Disney’s new additions is because of the latest technology that Disney has utilized. What Walt Disney Imagineering has been able to do is truly commendable and impressive. However, it seems that Disney’s newest attraction may not be as technologically sound as fans had expected.

journey of water inspired by moana water quality do not drink walt disney world te fiti disney park clean water attraction

Credit: Disney

Issues Arise on Opening Day

Today, October 16, a new attraction opened in EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort. The Journey of Water is a captivating and immersive new Disney Park experience that takes Guests on an extraordinary adventure, tracing the remarkable journey of water. This unique attraction at World Nature in Walt Disney World allows visitors to embark on a voyage of discovery, gaining a deeper understanding of the vital role water plays in our lives and the environment.

From the moment Guests step foot into the Journey of Water, they are transported into a world inspired by the enchanting story of Moana, the courageous Polynesian Disney Princess. As they embark on their journey, Guests are greeted by stunning visual displays and captivating storytelling, bringing to life the significance and beauty of water in a way that only Disney can.

One of the highlights of the Journey of Water is the opportunity for Guests to interact with water in a playful and educational way. At various stations, visitors can experiment with the flow and movement of water, discovering how it shapes the landscape and provides nourishment to plants and animals. Children and adults alike can engage in hands-on activities that promote a deeper understanding of the water cycle and its significance in our daily lives.

journey of water inspired by moana water quality do not drink walt disney world te fiti disney park clean water attraction

Credit: Disney

“This Water Is Not Feeling Playful Right Now”

While this attraction seemed to be highly technologically advanced, fans are now seeing many issues arise. During the soft opening of the attraction, Guests were quick to notice that many of the interactive elements were not performing as they were supposed to. Theme park reporter Ashley Carter noted on X that Disney has put up signs saying,

“Sorry! This water is not feeling playful right now. Please enjoy the rest of water’s magical journey!”

It is slightly concerning to see so many signs popping up right as the attraction opens. Some fans were already highly critical of this attraction, as it is undoubtedly more mellow than many other Disney offerings. For this ride to please visitors, it definitely needs to be working correctly during its grand opening period.

Journey of Water, inspired by Moana, is officially open to the public today, and it is likely that more reviews on the attraction will begin flowing in as the week progresses.

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