Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ride Vehicles Seen Being HAULED AWAY; Could This Attraction Be Getting a Retheme?!

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Some tragic news has just hit one of Disney’s most iconic attractions.

Every Disney fan has a ride or attraction that they call their favorite. For many Guests of the Park, their favorite ride is one that they remember loving as a child. A cult favorite ride of the Disney community is the Haunted Mansion Attraction. This ride, which exists at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, has spooked Guests for years. Now fans of the attraction are concerned that it may be closing down after Guests saw ride vehicles being hauled away from the attraction.

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Are Haunted Mansion Ride Vehicles Being Removed from Disney Theme Parks?

The Haunted Mansion ride vehicles have been a staple of Disneyland Theme Park since the attraction’s opening in 1969. Generations of Guests have enjoyed the spooky atmospheric ride accompanied by the eerie soundtrack and the ghost host’s sinister narration. However, recent news has come out that has left fans concerned and curious about the future of the beloved attraction.

Over the years, the Haunted Mansion ride has undergone many changes and expansions. However, recent reports of the Haunted Mansion ride vehicles being outside of the attraction at Disneyland Park have left fans wondering about the future of the ride. A Guest snapped a picture of a doom buggy being hauled by a truck. It is unclear if these are ride vehicles that were removed or new ones being replaced.

The Haunted Mansion ride vehicles, known as “Doom Buggies,” were designed to give the illusion of floating like ghosts through the mansion’s spectral passages, enabling Guests to see all of the scenes and characters from different angles.

The photos of the doom buggies brought up some curiosity from Disney Park fans over if the ride’s future could be in jeopardy.

Beware foolish mortals
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One user commented;

“Maybe they are going to re-theme the haunted mansion to an avatar experience/ride?/s”

This would be extremely shocking if it were true. The most likely answer to this situation is that these are replacement Doom Buggys for the Disneylands Haunted Mansion. With the new Haunted Mansion remake coming soon, Disney is likely tuning up the ride in anticipation of a popularity boost.

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