Disney’s App Glitches and Calls Cinderella a SLUR

Disney cinderella slur
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What is going on at Disney headquarters?!

Disney fans are in hysterics over the latest mistake from the Walt Disney Company. This month has not been smooth sailing at Disney for various reasons. Issues inside and outside the Parks have made this month one of the wildest and most unexpected months in Disney’s history.

Now, a new issue has arisen for the company on its My Disney Experience app, which is designed to help Guests navigate and plan their vacations at Walt Disney World Resort. Guests logging in to the app were met with quite the surprise when a glitch ended up referring to some Disney characters by very offensive names. Some fans have found humor in the situation, while others are concerned with what is really going on at the Disney Parks.

Disney Parks Characters

Disney Parks

April Was a Month of Mayhem at the Walt Disney Company

If you are a Disney fan, you will know that April was a ridiculously bumpy month for the Walt Disney Company. The ongoing political battle between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney has been a front-page headline for the last few weeks. In addition to that battle, Disney Parks have had their fair share of mishaps. Disneyland Park made the news when their Fantasmic Maleficent dragon caught on fire. Outside of the Parks, the public has been openly bashing some of the character animations for the new live-action The Little Mermaid. 

Disneyland Fantasmic! fire dragon before and after

All in all, April was a turbulent month for the Walt Disney Company. This latest issue is just the cherry on top of the company’s wild month. Guests using the My Disney Experience app were met with quite a surprise when choosing which character they wanted their profile to be. The app had switched around the name of a few Disney characters, and the results were honestly hilarious. Daisy Duck is referred to as a stormtrooper, Donald Duck is referred to as Violet, and Crush the Turtle is called Tinker Bell.

One name is more hilarious than the rest, Princess Cinderella is called “Tramp” on the app. A viral tweet of the glitch has made waves on Twitter.

While this is totally hilarious, it is also not the attention that Disney needs to be getting right now. Hopefully, May will be smoother sailing for all involved.

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