Disney World Guests Warned About Rise in Child Drownings

waikolohe pool at aulani
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As the warmer months approach, Walt Disney World Resort anticipates an influx of guests seeking to escape the heat and indulge in magical experiences. With its world-class attractions, themed entertainment, and immersive environments, Walt Disney World Resort promises unforgettable adventures for families and travelers alike.

However, amidst the excitement and thrills, guests must remain vigilant, especially regarding water safety for children.

Lava Pool at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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Walt Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” and while it is very magical, accidents and scary situations can happen from time to time. Due to Disney World’s popular location in Florida, guests head to the parks in the warmer months, experience the different parks, and relax at Disney Resorts.

While at Disney Resorts, many families head straight for the pool. Disney World Resorts is known for having several different pools, hot tubs, and much more for guests to enjoy. Disney World also has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Guests swimming in Disney's Fuentes del Morro Pool

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Families flock to these locations to keep cool during the warmer months. However, guests must heed a crucial warning: drowning incidents can occur, particularly among children, if proper precautions are not taken. Florida has unfortunately maintained a reputation for leading the nation in child drownings, and popular tourist destinations like Orlando are not exempt from this trend.

The Orlando Sentinel reported Florida continues to lead the nation in child drowning deaths, with 97 fatalities in 2023, including 14 in metro Orlando, according to data from the Florida Department of Children and Families. This distressing trend persists annually, claiming the lives of nearly 100 children each year, sadly.

While the locations of these accidents are not disclosed, Disney World works hard to prevent drownings from happening. Disney’s commitment to guest safety is unwavering; the sheer size and popularity of the resort pose challenges, particularly regarding water safety for children.

Parents must remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring their children’s safety around water, whether at theme parks or resort pools.

four young girls laughing and sitting on pool edge

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While accidents can still happen, parents should familiarize themselves and their children with water safety guidelines and regulations. Teaching children basic water safety skills, such as floating and treading water, can also enhance their safety in aquatic environments.

Parents should establish clear expectations and boundaries regarding water activities and ensure that children understand the importance of following instructions and staying within designated areas.

guests in wdw resort pool

Credit: Disney

In addition to parental supervision and education, parents should equip their children with appropriate flotation devices, such as life jackets or swim vests. While Disney’s water parks and resorts offer complimentary life vests for guests, bringing personal flotation devices ensures a proper fit and added peace of mind.

Parents should also ensure that children wear sunscreen and stay hydrated to prevent sunburn and dehydration during outdoor water activities.

Have you visited Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach? Which water park do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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